Aussie mum who repped a sixpack throughout her entire pregnancy just gave birth to her second baby

The Brisbane-based personal trainer was working out up until the day her little boy was born.

By Ellie McDonald
Hey, Australia! Remember Chontel Duncan? The fitness-loving mum who, back in 2015, left the internet divided when she uploaded a picture of her super-buff pregnant self with another expectant mum?

(^^Yeah, it was this pic.)
Well, since the snap went viral, and this Queensland fit-fluencer copped flak in droves on social media about whether her commitment to fitness was safe for her unborn child or not, Chontel has given birth to a brother for her first child, Jeremiah.
His name? Swayde.

And, just like her first pregnancy, Chontel kept up with her love of high-intensity interval training, weights sessions and Muay Thai classes. But that doesn’t mean she thinks working out to this level up to her ninth month of pregnancy is for everyone.

“Yes I am well aware this isn't for everyone, but we all have to remember what is normal for me and my body isn't normal for everybody,” she wrote on Instagram just days before her second birth.
“Follow your doctors advise and just enjoy your journey for what it is.”
“I will never take being able to carry my own babies for granted and wish everyone out their all the success in the world with any journey you may be embarking on.”

As previously reported by The Australian Women’s Weekly, Chontel once claimed that her rockhard abs actually inhibited her first birthing plan to the point where an emergency C-section was made much more difficult for doctors to perform.
Seven months on from giving birth to son Jeremiah in March, Ms Duncan says that her abs made it hard for doctors to get the baby out via an emergency C-section, after other birth complications ruled out her vaginal birth plan.
“This is why my scar was cut up on my right side because the surgeon had to cut me further and use forceps to successfully get Jeremiah out. Perhaps a down side to a strong core,” she said.
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