Who said period underwear has to be boring? Bring some joy and security to your monthly cycle with these bold designs

It’s time to brighten up your underwear drawer.

By Faye Couros
For those who have periods, we undoubtedly would have loved the game-changing invention of period underwear to have come sooner, but alas, we're mighty grateful that in 2013 they entered the chat.
Fast forward to 2021, and the hard-working undergarment has made it mainstream and given us newfound freedom.
Australian owned Modibodi is one such brand that provides security, ease, and mattress saving underwear. As if they weren't providing a life-changing service, the materials they use are also plant-friendly.
The monthly period is obviously not a glamorous time, which is why many of us feel compelled to purchase neutral coloured underwear. But Modibodi has proved bold patterns, and vibrant colours can bring some fun to your cycle.
For their seasonal 'micro' collection, the brand has said ciao to the status quo by accentuating their designs with shades inspired by the jewels of the earth.
And don't the colours amethyst, serpentine, garnet, and clay sound divine? You'll be low-key looking forward to bleeding.
The new looks come in their classic bikini, full brief, and hi-waist designs, and because ModiBodi takes sustainability seriously, they have Recycled Seam free styles that are sustainable and look invisible under tight-fitting clothes.
As audacious as confidently bleeding while wearing your favourite bodycon dress sounds, you no longer need to change your whole outfit to accommodate for a bloody surprise.
For those who are yet to convert from tampons, pads, and liners, rest assured, once you do, it's impossible to go back to fearing ruining your clothes.
Modibodi has released limited edition bold colours and patterns. Modibodi
After all, do any of us ever master the art of keeping our pants free from leaks when using traditional sanitary products? Nope, it doesn't matter if you're 13 or 40; the struggle never really goes away!
For those with pattern loving hearts, the playful prints designed by the label are inspired by nature and the joy the earth can bring to our lives.
The Lush Crush takes cues from tropical islands' leafy and coral beauty, and Boho Love is a paisley ode to the flower power era – these designs come in bikini and full brief styles.
Fashion aside, because these panties have bigger fish to fry than looking cute, Modibodi's Maxi-24 hours absorbency can hold up to 10 tampons' worth of heavy-duty protection.
Heaviest period days aside, there is a design to support every stage of your cycle and menstruation journey.
You'll never be able to look at a tampon again! Modibodi
Like the Moisture Wicking for hot days, the Super Light for discharge, the Light-Moderate for light periods or bladder leaks, the Moderate-Heavy for a medium flow, and the heavy-overnight for heavy periods.
Like all good things, Modibodi's whimsical collection is limited edition but with the rest of 2021 and January 2022 to invest in these affordable designs that will guarantee a little less stress for the new year.
It's almost unnerving how easy period underwear is! Modibodi
To further ease your mind, we have a special discount code as our Christmas gift to you, so you can receive 15 per cent off when you spend more than $120, and you can unlock this deal by using the code MODIBODI2021.