Melbourne’s #BOPOExpo is giving us all the ‘Fat Babe Pool Party’ feels!

We all have the right to accept and respect our bodies exactly as they are.
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If you haven’t jumped on board the Shrill train yet, you best be tuning into SBS On Demand and settling in for six episodes of bingeworthy, fist-bumping, side-splitting comedy gold with a twist of real heart.

Your new favourite actor, Aidy Bryant plays Annie Easton, a deliciously awkward millennial who dreams of being a writer. While it’s abundantly clear that Annie’s life has far more going on in it than her body alone, you wouldn’t know it if you walked a day in her shoes.

The world around Annie Easton never lets her forget that she’s “fat”, and as a result her internal monologue seems set to shame and a bewildering willingness to accept far, far less from others than she deserves.

Annie’s life-changing moment at a Fat Babe Pool Party in episode four, thrusts the notion that women can be confident in whatever body they have right now into the conversation … and it’s about bloody time.

Shrill’s Fat Babe Pool Party is one of the most vibrant and lasting moments from the hit series.

(Image: Shrill)

For Melbourne friends, Elysia Anketell and Lacey-Jade Christie the body acceptance concept is one that they not only embrace, but hope to spread in their own version of the sisterhood that Shrill’s Fat Babe Pool Party embodies, Melbourne’s upcoming #BOPOExpo.

Held at Southbank’s One Roof on clock Sunday, 29 September 2019 from 10:00-17:30 #BOPOExpo day is packed full of amazing vibes, tips and tricks, great food, resources, inspiration, dance parties and more.

Melbourne’s #BOPOExpo is all about feeling confident in the skin you’re in right now.

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“The idea for the expo is to bring together some of the key people in the Melbourne Body Positive scene,” co-founder, Elysia Anketell tells Now To Love.

“Particularly those actively working with mental health, internalised weight stigma, exercise for all bodies, and advocacy, and to shine a light on the experiences of those living in marginalised bodies as well.”

“We are delighted to have Sarah Harry from BodyPositive Australia, Janet Lowdnes from Mind Body Well, Ashlee Bennett from The Body Image Therapist, a representative from Health At Every Size (HAES) Australia, as well as many speakers and panelists from various backgrounds and body experiences.”

Elysia Anketell shares her message about body image, self esteem and overall wellbeing, by taking a weight-neutral approach.

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“Body dissatisfaction is something that almost every person experiences at some level across their lifetime,” explains Elysia.

“Many of us experience this to such a level that it impacts our day to day functioning. So many people with body image issues believe that they are alone in it, but this is far from the truth.

“Body dissatisfaction is something that can be worked on, we all have the right to accept and respect our bodies exactly as they are.”

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BOPOExpo is about more than body size.

“We have taken steps to ensure people from as many marginalised body types as possible can attend this event with ease, knowing it was designed with them in mind,” says Elysia. “We have a fully accessible venue, an AUSLAN interpreter available, and a quiet room for those who are neurodiverse.”

BOPOExpo co-founder, Lacey-Jade Christie is deeply passionate and tenacious about feminism, LGBITIQA+ and advocating for those in marginalised bodies.

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Both individuals and professionals visiting the #BOPOExpo will:

  • Hear from various experts in the body positivity field

  • Connect with community and network with like-minded people, all with a shared passion and vision for improving our relationships with our bodies and ourselves.

  • Up skill and learn more about diversity and inclusion, hearing personal experiences and expertise from various areas of diversity from gender, ability, health, and cultural heritage such as Lacey, Nevo Zisin, Elle Steele, Bran Ranjith, Dr Isabel Krug, Tania Sutton and Raquel Curnow.

  • Receive a super nourishing lunch, morning tea grazing table and afternoon tea and cake.

  • Go in the draw to win door prizes including photoshoots, coaching packages, skincare, clothing, books etc.

  • Have an amazing time

For more information visit The Body Collective.

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