Bert Newton’s health scare: The TV legend opens up about his biggest battle

'I didn't realise how serious it was'
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Bert Newton revealed he had a worrying crisis before his surprise appearance at the 2018 TV WEEK Logie Awards.

The legend was lucky to make it on stage to present the Graham Kennedy Award For Most Popular New Talent Logie to a thrilled Dilruk Jayasinha.

“I’ve had a couple of bouts of pneumonia,” he tells TV WEEK. “Health-wise, it’s the only enemy I’ve got. If I’m not careful and don’t watch it, I end up having to go to hospital.

“I didn’t realise how serious pneumonia is, but on the happier side of things, I’m here. That’s the important thing.”

Bert with Most Popular New Talent Logie winner Dilruk.

Despite his recent health scare, Bert will celebrate his 80th birthday on July 23 with his wife Patti, his daughter Lauren and her four children.

His son Matthew is based in the US where he is a successful film director.

Bert usually celebrates his birthday at Crown Casino in Melbourne. He said some in the industry would be surprised he’s reached the milestone.

“There would be some contemporaries of mine from years gone by who wouldn’t have believed I’d make 80, but here I am,” he said.

“The grandkids love a birthday party. I’m not a huge birthday person, but 80 is a big one.”

Bert’s wife Patti proudly watches on at the Logies.

Bert, who’s won four Gold Logies in a long and celebrated career, is keen to see an old-style talk show back on TV – and he has a couple of people in mind to be its host.

“The difficult thing is always finding the right person to do it,” he said.

“But the talent is there. I’d nominate Rove [triple Gold Logie winner Rove McManus] – he’s terrific.

“Or Jules Lund [the ex-Getaway presenter who hosts the red-carpet arrivals event at the Logies] could do it.”

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