Glow get it! How Alison Brie got in shape for GLOW

The exercises that helped Alison Brie embrace her body and get in the best shape of her life!
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The ’80s were about empowering women – and the ladies of Glow certainly push the boundaries!

Alison Brie got into the best shape of her life for the retro TV series, which sees her doing some seriously hardcore moves as a female wrestler.

While wearing leotards on set would improve your workout motivation, Alison says the best part was that it changed the way she felt. “Heavy lifting is so empowering – you really feel like a badass,” the 35-year-old told Women’s Health.

“I came out of it feeling like a totally different person. It changed everything.”

The Netflix series GLOW follows super-fit female wrestlers.

Needless to say, strength training played a big part in the actress’ workout routine. This included a lot of weights, as well as functional exercises such as sled training.

“The sled might be one of my favourite exercises – right up there with deadlifting and squatting,” Alison’s trainer Jason Walsh shared with POPSUGAR.

“These days, she’s pulling nearly three times her body weight.”

“While training for the show, I was eating more than ever and I’ve never felt better,” Alison says.

Speaking of impressive, Alison can also do 40 pull-ups in one go.

“I never thought I’d get to 10 in a row!” she admits. “Setting a goal like that and reaching it… I’m walking tall all day.”

That’s certainly not bad for someone who once struggled to do a single push-up! But while the results can be impressive, Jason says it’s important to start slowly and always give yourself time to rest.

“You need at least one recovery day, which includes complete rest or doing light activity, so your muscles can fully repair.”

TIP: Jason says don’t try deadlifts without proper training, as ‘you’ll most likely hurt yourself’.

WATCH Alison Brie’s impressive pull-ups!

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