Carrie Bickmore's latest outfit pic sums up one of summer's biggest trends

A hat-trick and more.

By Jess Pullar
Ah, what a glorious time the Australian summer is.
Sizzling barbecues are rife, multiple quick dips in the ocean, and the sound of cricket in the background whilst sitting lazily in the sunshine are the key ingredients for life Down Under (between the months of December to February, at least).
But the common factor is clear - we spend a lot of time in the sun each summer, and in a world where we're fortunate to have the research, the implications of said sunshine are crucial to consider.
Yes, that Aussie sun isn't always our friend.
That's why it's all the better to see hats become trendier than ever this year.
As well as providing some much needed protection from the sun's harming UV rays, hats are a key fashion ~look~ for the summer.
And the evidence is clear - just take a scroll through Instagram and you'll surely notice the array of wide-brimmed accessories sitting atop the heads of friends, affiliates and celebs a-plenty.
One of those celebs is the beloved Carrie Bickmore.
After a sunny summer break over Christmas and New Year, The Project host shared a series of pictures to her Instagram, all with one thing in common - her ultra chic semi wide-brimmed hat.

"My passive aggressive friend asked if perhaps I got a new hat. I have no idea what she is talking about," Carrie humorously captioned the image.
You can't blame her for getting some seriously good use from it - girl's got serious style, and the hat tops it off (quite literally).
And so, because Carrie's well and truly inspired us, we decided to find a bunch of wide-brimmed wonders that we ourselves will thrash for the remainder of the warmer months - and beyond too.
You can never be too protected from those rays, after all.
Keep scrolling for our favourite Carrie Bickmore-inspired hats you can buy right now!

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