Conscious cossies: We found 11 of the best sustainable swimwear brands in Australia

Swim sustainably.

By Isabelle Knevett
As summer fast approaches us lucky folk Down Under, our sights are firmly turning towards the nearest beach, pool and frankly anything we can submerge ourselves into for a refreshing reprieve from the heat.
With that said, you'll no doubt have seen your favourite clothing brands fill their racks with swimwear for the summer ahead - but there's an unmistakeable shadow that hangs over the shiny new lines of cossies.
The fashion industry is a key contributor to the world's landfill issues, and given the flippancy of swimwear - the styles and garments are so disposable - each summer brings yet another opportunity for pointless waste.
That's why in recent years, we've seen an encouraging shift in the way swimwear companies operate.
While many swimwear brands use damaging synthetics as their bread and butter, some are now turning towards other, more sustainable options.
Recycled nylon and polyester are increasingly used, while other multiple use fabrics and items are also being creatively transformed into bikinis, one-pieces, budgey smugglers - you name it.
And a lot of that creativity is happening on our very doorstep, which is exactly why we decided it was pertinent to celebrate that.
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The best sustainable swimwear brands to buy in 2023

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