Sweat, but make it sustainable: Here's the best environmental and sustainably-minded activewear brands in Australia to shop right now

Eco-exercising is trending.

By Jess Pullar
We live in a world where plastic bags, straws and utensils are on the out (with some conscious effort), and the next big ticket item on the swap-sustainably list is our clothing.
The only thing is, it's a multi-faceted work, this whole, sustainability thing.
In fashion, there's the alarming emissions and knock on effects of producing even the simplest of things like a single pair of jeans.
There's the issue of fast-fashion and mass production from some of the world's biggest clothing giants.
But as we all know, change starts with the individual - and for some certain niches of the market, sustainability is the name of the game.
Enter activewear. The stretchy, comfy, any-excuse-to-wear-it style has become front and centre of our lives, particularly in 2020 when the world went into lockdown and comfortable clothing took precedence over corporate-wear.
That's why it's all the more encouraging to see some Australian labels spurring the activewear fan train along, but in a sustainable way.
From reusing plastic bottles and making them into actual garments, to cultivating and utilising renewable fabrics - we look at the best sustainable activewear brands you can shop right now in Australia.