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'Best Sleep Ever': The cult buy that's fast becoming the summer must-have

Get ready to enjoy the best snooze of your life.

By Isabelle Knevett
As we all know, here in Australia getting a good night's sleep in summer can be a hard task.
Sweating and overheating can ruin the quality of our sleep and trying to find the perfect summer pyjamas is essential to getting your beauty sleep in balmy weather.
Fans of Australian wearable blanket brand Oodie are claiming their Sleep Tees are the next must-have summer essentials and the key to sleeping through the coming heatwave.
The Sleep Tee is made from a lusciously soft bamboo and elastane blend which stay as soft as the day you bought them even years later. The fabric is extremely breathable, making it ideal for hot weather snoozes.
It's is one-size-fits-all and if you like sleeping in your partner's t-shirts, then prepare to love this because the oversized t-shirt design is ideal for sleeping in without getting wrapped up in hot, sticky fabric.
They come in a wide array of colours and patterns having collaborated with major franchises like Harry Potter, Disney, Star Wars and more. They also have two deep side pockets for stashing your midnight snacks and treats in.

Oodie's sleep tees to shop for summer 2023

Panda Oodie Sleep Tee, $62.30 (was $89), The Oodie
"Now I want all my clothes bamboo and without cute pandas so I can live in them 24/7," said a five-star reviewer.
Avocado and Toast Oodie Sleep Tee, $62.30 (was $89), The Oodie
"Love avocado!! These sleep tees are so comfy and lush..." said a five-star reviewer.
Otter Oodie Sleep Tee, $62.30 (was $89), The Oodie
"I am a bigger person and this is super flowing which is awesome and the little otters are adorable," said a five-star reviewer.
Star Wars Yoda Oodie Sleep Tee, $69.30 (was $99), The Oodie
"Love my Star Wars Yoda Oodie Sleep Tee. Love the colour and I love wearing it around the house especially on one of my lazy days," said a five-star reviewer.
Dachshund Oodie Sleep Tee, $62.30 (was $89), The Oodie
"I look forward to getting in my Dashie night shirt every night. It is so comfortable and you feel so free in it. No uncomfortable elastic or tightness," said a five-star reviewer.
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