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EXCLUSIVE: Meet the avid fashionista who's spent $40,000 on copying Kate Middleton's iconic royal style

This obsessed royal fan has spent more than $40,000 slavishly copying the Duchess’s wardrobe.

By Woman's Day team
Danielle Magness-Wellmann's addiction to royal fashion 
began in 2011, when Prince William announced 
his engagement to Kate Middleton.
Danielle was instantly captivated by the fairytale romance.
"I started paying attention 
to Kate Middleton's clothing when they got engaged and 
fell in love with her style," she tells Woman's Day.
Danielle has a dressmaker on "speed dial" who will make a copy for a fraction of the price. Image: Instagram
She has even mimicked the looks Kate has been wearing on her Zoom calls during lockdown. Image: Instagram
"I think Kate serves as an incredible role model of both substance and style. When 
she wears something that is accessible to the public it 
is a chance to own a piece 
of sartorial history," Danielle said.
"There's no way I can wear a Givenchy ball gown, but some 
of her clothes are from Reiss, Hobbs and even Zara.
"I keep on top of her wardrobe by looking at the royal calendar and Twitter – within minutes, someone online is able to recognise where an outfit is from and point me in the right direction for purchase.
"But if it's $700 
or more, then I will contact 
a dressmaker who can make a replica for a tenth of the price."
Danielle found this classic (and affordable) Faithfull The label Kate wore recently. Image: Instagram
Kate wore this gorgeous blue dress during a #ClapForOurCarers video a few months ago with her children. Image: Getty
The 41-year-old from the US state of Minnesota has so far spent $42,000 on royal copycat clothing – and she has no plans to stop any time soon.
Danielle, who allocates 
$1500 of her annual salary as 
a physician for royal clothing, buys up to 15 "affordable" items of clothing a month.
And it isn't just the 38-year-old Duchess of Cambridge 
she copies –she also mimics the Duchess of Sussex, Queen Letizia of Spain and other royals around the world.
Danielle says her purchases depend on how busy the women are and where they are.
Danielle looks fab in her outfit dupe! Image: Instagram
Nailing even Kate's casual looks. Image: Instagram
"The [British] royal family are my favourite fashion icons as I can wear their clothes every day" she says.
"It is quite an addictive hobby. But I can't always keep on top of Kate's looks due to the different time zones, so this may affect how many purchases I make. I always get more compliments when I'm dressed like a royal – not that people know my outfits are inspired by them."
Danielle is always complimented in her copycat outfits. Image: Instagram
Recreating the moment Kate recycled this gorgeous yellow frock during a recent Zoom call. Image: Instagram
After following royal fashion for years, Danielle even went to London for her honeymoon in 2013.
"I absolutely loved the visit to Buckingham Palace," she says.
"I also visited Whistles, which is a popular store Kate goes to – more so when she was younger."

"I love Meghan's laid-back style too!"

Unlike many royal fans, Danielle 
has not taken sides in the ugly family feud between William and Kate and Prince Harry and Meghan, revealing that she also gets inspired by the former American actress.
"I love Meghan Markle's style," 
she says.
"She is much more laid-back 
and wears solid colours."
While Kate remains her firm favourite, Danielle says 38-year-old Meghan's less stuffy and more 
relaxed approach to fashion makes her more accessible – and cheaper 
to copy as well!
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