Beau Ryan and his wife Kara have never been happier

‘We’re closer than ever.’
Beau and Kara Ryan

While watching his beautiful daughter, Remi, grow up, Beau Ryan has always wished he could freeze her in time.

“Every six months or so I say, 
‘I don’t want her to change, I want her to stay like this forever,’” The Footy Show star laughs of his cute four-year-old daughter. “But she keeps getting better… and now we’re not far from our due date on our next baby!”

Baby number two’s sex is a surprise, but what isn’t is how longed for the little one is by both parents.

While Beau’s marriage could have hit the rocks when allegations of an affair became public, he and Kara stuck together and have come out stronger the other side.

“We’re really happy at the moment, things are good, we’re really busy and it’s getting us all excited for the future,” Beau admits.

“Yeah, having another baby has made our relationship stronger 
and I’ve been home a lot with her.”

Certainly, the whole family will be home and together to watch the 32-year-old former rugby league player compete on Australian Ninja Warrior tonight.

“It was physically tough and mentally even tougher,” he says of the challenge. “But I always like to test myself.”

By his side will be 
Kara and Remi, who were also 
there cheering on when he filmed the gruelling obstacle course.

“I love the fact Remi can see 
me on TV,” the proud dad says. “She’ll be rolling her eyes in about five years, so I’m just going to take 
it while I can!”

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