EXCLUSIVE: Succession’s Nicholas Braun reflects on the role of a lifetime

''It's a great way to go out.''
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As viewers farewell the Roy family in Succession, Nicholas Braun looks back on the role of a lifetime.

In the boardroom of Waystar Royco, Greg Hirsch sits across from an employee ready to tell them they didn’t get the job of news anchor.

He adjusts his tie, stammers to find the words – and eventually blurts out an outrageous lie to the woman, who happens to be the girlfriend of CEO Logan Roy, also his great-uncle, that will likely do more harm than good.

The hilarious scene is yet another example of what cousin Greg has endured for four seasons of hit drama Succession.

It’s also a testament to the acting of Nicholas Braun, who brilliantly executes the arc of an outsider looking for a way in.

Celebrating the fourth and final season of Succession.

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”He’s a good guy to root for,” Nicholas, 34, tells TV WEEK.

”I love playing Greg and seeing where he goes. This season kicks off hard and the writing is so impressive.”

The US actor, who is in Australia to promote the show, says the cast had a ”good sense” that the fourth season Succession would be the last.

But creator Jesse Armstrong kept the cast on their toes until making it official earlier this year.

”Jesse told us before we began filming it was looking like it could be the end,” Nicholas says.

”But he also said if something opened up, he’d go with it. So, we didn’t know conclusively until we were handed the script.”

The character of ‘Cousin Greg’ has become a fan favourite.

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The final season sees the Roy siblings – Shiv (Sarah Snook), Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and Roman (Kieran Culkin) – at war with their father Logan (Brian Cox) who has decided to sell the company.

But the trio are ready to fight – and no-one can hold a grudge better than they can.

Most of Nicholas’ scenes are alongside Matthew Macfadyen, who plays Tom, an employee of Waystar Royco and the husband of Shiv.

Known for their hilarious banter and mishaps, the pair have become popular with fans.

”To think Matthew and I won’t do another scene together as Tom and Greg is sad – as is knowing the cast won’t be together as a group – so I have mixed feelings,” he says of leaving.

”But at the same time, it’s been seven years of our lives, so at a certain point, you have to figure out the best way to end it.”

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Despite critical acclaim and 13 Emmy Awards, plus two individual nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, Nicholas admits he finds it hard to believe people really watch the show.

”[Oscar-winning director] Steven Spielberg came up to me at an event once and said, ‘I’m so excited to meet cousin Greg!”’ he says with a laugh.

”Another time, I wanted to meet [actress] Meryl Streep, so I tapped her on the shoulder to introduce myself. She turned, gasped, and said, ‘I love you on the show!’ It’s those surreal moments when I realize maybe people are watching this.”

With just a few episodes of Succession remaining, Nicholas assures TV WEEK the best is yet to come. As for his own future, it’s out of the boardroom and onto bigger things – if there is such a thing.

”It’s definitely the way to go out and such a ride to be on,” he says.

”It’s been the role of my lifetime.”

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