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Based on a book for the modern Australian woman, written by a modern Australian woman, Strife is a new series on Binge.

Set in the dynamic and ever-changing world of publishing, digital media and its origins, the comedic drama series is inspired by media identity Mia Freedman’s memoir, Work, Strife, Balance.

Written by Australian screenwriter Sarah Scheller, the series showcases all the highs and lows of what it means to be a working woman.

Strife has connected with our audiences with Evelyn’s journey hitting a chord with viewers across the country,” Binge executive director, Alison Hurbert-Burns, said in a press release.

Speaking to its popularity – the series broke records to become Binge’s biggest series launch for both first-day and first-week viewing – Strife has officially been renewed for a second season.

Here, we answer all your burning questions about the series, including where and when you can watch it.

Asher Keddie stars in the lead role as Evelyn Jones.

(Credit: Binge)

What is Strife about?

As Mia tells it in an article for Mamamia, Strife is “not a story about me but it’s inspired by aspects of my life and career during the time Mamamia started and began to grow.”

“We wanted to tell a story about a complicated woman who starts her own business. About the complexity of ambition and motherhood and the force that is female friendship,” the Mamamia co-founder said.

“About what it’s like working in a startup alongside women, creating intimate content that bonds you in ways that can be intense and problematic and wonderful.”

The series also explores “when the world seems to open up at the same time as your fertility shuts down” during a particular time in a woman’s life – her 40s.

“It’s about choices and challenges and the dichotomy of being a public person who wants a private life even though that life is something that feeds her work.”

Who will we see return for season two?

(Credit: Binge)

Who is cast in Strife?

Acclaimed Australian actress Asher Keddie plays Evelyn Jones – a modern, imperfect woman and publisher who journeys up from a loungeroom blogger to a force in women’s media.

She stars alongside an ensemble of established and up-and-coming talent including Matt Day, Jonathan LaPaglia, Tina Bursill, Emma Lung and Alex Dimitriades.

Joining them are Maria Angelico, Rhys Mitchell, Olivia Junkeer, BeBe Bettencourt, Bryony Skillington, Lucy Ansell, Darcy Tadich, Lincoln Younes and Willow Speers.

Where can I get Mia Freedman’s book, Work, Strife, Balance?

If you’re looking to read the book before tuning in for the series, you can shop the paperback copy for $23.75 at Booktopia right here.

The book follows Mia’s low road to the top with the aim of sharing a “fearless, hilarious, inspiring and surprising collection of modern misadventures” that are utterly relatable to women.

“This book is for every woman who’s been told success is as simple as Lean In, Say Yes, Live Your Best Life, Beat Your Fear, Follow Your Dream… and then feel #soblessed,” the description reads.

“It’s for guilty friends, bad mums, crap wives, imperfect feminists, rebellious daughters and any girl with a big mouth and at least one foot in it.

“It’s for any woman who’s ever asked: ‘Am I the only one who isn’t quite coping?'”

Where and when can I watch Strife in Australia?

Strife is commissioned by the Foxtel Group for Binge and is also available on Foxtel.

The series premiered on December 6 last year with all eight episodes. No details on the release date for season two have been released just yet.

Stream Strife now on Binge, live and on demand with a 7-day free trial. Start your free trial here.

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