Wentworth actress Sigrid Thornton speaks out in defence of mature-aged women on TV

Acclaimed actress Sigrid Thornton is hopeful that change is occurring.
Sigrid Thornton Wentworth

As part of a predominately female ensemble cast, Wentworth actress Sigrid Thornton feels blessed to work with some of the country’s most talented actresses. Yet, she’s also disappointed more TV shows aren’t showcasing more actresses and older women.

“It’s a grand irony that 50 per cent of the population is not represented the same way on television,” she says.

Sigrid, 58, who has appeared in iconic TV shows such as The Man From Snowy River and Seachange during her long career, adds though that she’s an “eternal optimist and change is afoot”.

“I believe there are lots of people that want to see the stories of how life changes with maturity,” Sigrid says.

“There are more stories about that then I can imagine.”

She cites fellow actress American Geena Davis with leading the charge for change. Geena, 61, founded the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media in 2006 to address Hollywood sexism.

“Geena is doing really great work in this area,” Sigrid says. “I’m confident over time it will change.”

Sigrid hopes more TV networks look to showcase older women in TV shows. She is also working behind the scenes on creating new stories to bring to screens and recently joined the board of organisation Scripted Ink.

“It was set up to grow the involvement of writers and the creative process of television and film,” Sigrid says. “So I’m pretty busy.”

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