Wentworth season 7 finale bombshells revealed!

Deaths, shock returns and LOTS of tears… Everything that happened in that heartbreaking finale.
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It’s shock, after shock, after shock in Wentworth’s explosive season finale!

And before you continue reading, we have to warn you:


Fans have been left reeling after the death of two inmates… and the shock return of The Freak!

That’s right. The Wentworth season seven finale has just aired, and it ended with the mother of all cliffhangers: the return of The Freak!

Just when we thought we couldn’t be any more flabbergasted, along came a final scene, which showed Joan Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) alive and well, seemingly living rough and presumably quietly scheming her revenge.

We’ve got ACTUAL chills!

She’s back! ‘The Freak’ returns to Wentworth.

What this means for Will (Robbie Magasiva), Vera (Kate Atkinson) and Jake (Bernard Curry) is anyone’s guess. But all we can say is thank goodness this show got a last-minute reprieve and was picked up for another 20 episodes, because now we’ll actually get to find out!

Before we get too carried away with what’s next, let’s revisit the heart-stopping action that led us to that jaw-dropping final scene.

When we finished last week’s episode, it looked as though Vera was dead – Brody (Rick Donald) had a gun pointed at her head and we hear it fire and see his face splattered with blood.

As we return, we find out that it was, in fact, Kosta (Artemis Ioannides) who was on the receiving end of Brody’s murderous intent. The women are in shock – even Marie (Susie Porter) seems bewildered things have gotten so out of hand.

Upstairs, the Special Response unit arrives. In charge of the operation is Chief Commander Rachel Marsh (Nicki Wendt), who’s at first hesitant to acquiesce to any of Brody’s demands. But after Sean threatens to “get trigger happy” and kill more women, she realises he’s not kidding and orders a chopper be sent to the roof, as per his request.

Brody knows this is his chance to get Marie to safety – and save his own skin.

Will Marie make it?

Downstairs, as the drama plays out, Rita (Leah Purcell) realises that Liz (Celia Ireland) is still in the holding cell, and, under her guidance, Liz frees Rita from her cell. Unfortunately one of the guards is alerted to the activity, and Liz is captured and brought to the laundry with the other hostages of H Block. Rita is able to escape after knocking out one of the guards, who is shot as a struggle ensues between Brody, Rita and Marie – it’s Rita’s one chance to help the girls.

Brody demands that morphine be brought down to help his guard, injured in the fracas, and Jake (Bernard Curry) offers to take it so he can get a better read on the situation. He decides to use himself as a bargaining chip to get Vera out safely. But his plan backfires. Brody takes the drugs, but decides to keep his most valuable hostage, Vera, as leverage.

It’s the worst possible scenario for Jake, who had been willing to risk his own life to save Vera and the baby’s. It’s a gesture that doesn’t go unnoticed by Vera, who shoots him a look that can only be described as devastating.

Cue first real tears of the episode.

Jake puts his own life on the line for Vera.

After that, events accelerate at frightening speed. Boomer (Katrina Milosevic), determined to save Vera and the girls, decides to take Marie hostage. It’s a bold move, but Brody is a murderous psychopath.

“You let Marie go, or I’m going to shoot your mum,” he whispers, before shooting her anyway. See? Psychopath.

But that’s not the worst of it. He also admits that it was he who killed Kaz Proctor (Tammy MacIntosh), after he discovered she knew about the blackmail file Marie had on the Attorney General (David Downer).

The girls are shocked. So shocked, that Vera’s waters break, and she begins to go into labour, which, let’s face it, would be just about the worst-case scenario for any pregnant woman.

Giving birth during a seige at a women’s prison? No, thanks.

As this plays out, upstairs the corrupt Attorney General Michael Heston has arrived to make sure his operation to get Marie to safety is going according to plan. And it might just have worked if Rita hadn’t managed to alert Will to the fact she’s actually an undercover cop, investigating Marie Winters and her links to high-profile figures in the police and government.

Together they piece together what has happened, with Will realising the devastating part he played in it – allowing Marie to access her “Rock Spider” file on the internet, and they confront Michael about his paedophilia.

The gig’s up – and not a moment too soon.

Brody claims responsibility for Kaz’s death.

While this plays out, the chopper arrives. The Response Team are sent to arrest the guards, who are now on the roof with all the girls. But where is Brody? And what has happened to Boomer and Liz?

Turns out, they’re squirrelled away in the Plant Room, and Liz – oh Liz, you wonderful, wonderful woman! – delivers Vera’s baby. The bub arrives safely, and moments later Jake arrives to meet his daughter for the first time.

Cue second tears of the episode. (Anyone got a hanky?)

Downstairs, Brody and Marie are almost out – their rooftop diversion has worked – but just as they leave, in comes Ruby (Rarriwuy Hick). Marie can’t resist one last chance to kill her, but is intercepted by Rita. A scuffle ensues, and it looks like this is the last we may see of all of them, until – and just stop us for a minute, because if this isn’t the most perfect plot twist, we don’t know what is – Ali (Kate Jenkinson) steps in and kills Brody!

When it counts, girl has found her strength! And in one swoop has enacted revenge for Kaz, Ruby and Bea – and for every other woman who has ever felt powerless at the hands of a man.

And with that, we have our neat little ending… of sorts.

Ali puts an end to Brody’s terror.

There’s still one more shock in store, and that comes in the guise of Liz’s stroke.

She gets “Locked In Syndrome”. (Cue MORE tears, but we still get a little giggle when Boomer says, “Dementia isn’t enough for you? You had to go and get a stroke too, ya greedy b***h!” Aw, Booms, we love, love, LOVE you!)

What happens next is just heartbreaking, and sees Boomer do as Liz has instructed her to, putting an end to her suffering by smothering her. It’s the ultimate selfless act of mercy.

More tears.

Boomer will now be charged with manslaughter, but perhaps she’ll stay true to Liz’s memory, sliding into the mother figure role left vacant by Lizzie?

We also find out that Rita is being moved into protective custody while the AG’s court case, and the investigation into police corruption, takes place.

Which takes us to that final scene.

As she leaves Wentworth, Rita passes Joan, by the side of the road, hunched over a makeshift fire. And as the flame flickers ominously around her face, we can’t help thinking all hell is about to break loose.

Bring on Season Eight!

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