Wentworth actress Celia Ireland didn’t think the show would last

Turns out, Celia thought the hit show wouldn’t make the five-season mark!
Celia Ireland Wentworth

She’s picked up a TV WEEK Logie Award for the role of Liz in Wentworth, but actress Celia Ireland never thought the show would be on-air five seasons after making its debut in 2013.

“I don’t even think we knew if we’d go to two seasons,” Celia, 51, tells TV WEEK.

“We never envisioned this would be season five and all over the world – it’s quite extraordinary.”

Celia, who has previously starred in shows such as All Saints and Home And Away, adds she was buoyed that in her 50s, she was part of a long-running TV series.

“I’m an old girl, I’m 51, so that’s rare,” she says. “To have a world that is populated by women is just really fabulous. I feel really proud of it.”

As the dramatic season finale of Wentworth approaches, Celia admits it has been a rough ride for her character Liz.

Inmate Liz has struggled in the aftermath of her decision to turn snitch against fellow prisoner Sonia (Sigrid Thornton) in a bid to get freedom.

“Liz has been in there a long time and she’s seen a lot of stuff,” Celia says.

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“She was at the precipice of having such a positive shift in her life, and then it all just went dreadfully pear-shaped.”

Whatever the outcome of the finale, Celia knows the fans will be vocal in their response.

“It’s great because it means they really care and they’re passionate,” Celia says. “We never anticipated the sort of responses we get – that’s been really amazing.”

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