The cast of Tomorrow When The War Began just reunited and yes, they discuss that long-awaited sequel

A decade later, we finally get answers.
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It’s almost terrifying to consider it’s been more than a decade since beloved Australian film Tomorrow When The War Began premiered.

Once we get past the shock of feeling old, we’re filled with excitement at the sight of the cast reuniting via video call to answer all our questions.

And you can bet they finally address the big one we have been asking all this time: what happened to a sequel?

Based on the book series by John Marsden, of which there are seven, it was safely assumed we would see more films from the franchise.

“You’re f–king telling me [it was a sure thing]” Andrew Ryan who played outcast of the gang, Chris Lang, responded when the much-asked fan question arose.

The cast got together via video call.

(Image: Instagram)

“It would’ve been nice to do it again,” Deniz Akdeniz, who played Homer, added.

“It’s even worse when Stuie [Director, Stuart Beattie] is on set telling you how awesome the next one’s going to be.”

Phoebe Tonkin then added she had been told the cast were too old, “I had heard it was because too many years had passed and we wouldn’t look like it was the next day.”

The film is currently streaming on Netflix.

(Image: Netflix)

But, all hope may not be lost just yet.

Stuart then chimed in: “If you were going to do it now, you’d make it 10 years later.”

It seems fans weren’t the only ones who were surprised the sequel never happened.

“We actually never got told it wasn’t happening, it just didn’t happen,” Chris Pang, who played Lee, recalled.

We waited and waited for a sequel.

(Image: Netflix)

After a lot of questioning, Stuart finally explained to fans what really happened behind the scenes.

And, it’s very interesting.

“We always planned to make three films then spin off into a television series.

“I had written the outlines for two and three and submitted them to the company who made the film, but they never made a deal and never engaged me.”

He went on to say that months had passed without word or confirmation so Stuart took on another project. Not long after commencing work on his next film the company finally agreed to start the sequel but unfortunately Stuart was already tied up.

He then added that he believed it came down to money: “It made a good amount of money, but not a huge amount of money.

“They botched the release around the world, so it didn’t make enough money.”

There we have it, the sad reality of show business. At least we got this reunion, which you can peep here.

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