The Voice host Sonia Kruger counts her blessings she’s a mother

“I’m going to be grateful forever and a day that 
I got to have her.”
Sonia Kruger The Voice

Being a mum is Sonia Kruger’s greatest role to date.

Chatting to TV WEEK about daughter Maggie, whom she shares with partner Craig McPherson, The Voice host admits she loves nothing more than time with her adorable two-year-old.

“I find her very funny,” Sonia smiles. “She entertains me to no end.”

After struggling to conceive for years, the TV presenter and media personality fell pregnant at 49 through IVF using 
a donor egg. And she’s forever thanking her lucky stars.

“I feel really lucky 
to have her [Maggie],” the 51-year-old says. 
“I’m going to be grateful forever and a day that 
I got to have her.”

The Aussie star reveals 
that while she would love 
to have more children, she knows it’s not an easy road.

“I don’t think I’ll push 
my luck,” she says.

Maggie and Sonia.

In fact, for now, Sonia 
is choosing to focus on keeping fit and healthy.

“I feel exactly the same way [now] that I felt when 
I was 28 – and that could be 
a problem,” 
she laughs.

“At the moment, I’m doing weights and trying to build muscle again – I haven’t done that for years,” she says.

“I’m one of those people who like to mix it up 
a bit. Take the dog for a walk – it’s nice to get that time to yourself.”

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