The Project loses another host as Rachel Corbett has tearful last show

Rachel Corbett is the fourth host to leave the show in recent months.
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Rachel Corbett, a regular panellist on The Project, announced on Sunday night that she will be leaving the show.

However, her absence from behind the desk will only be temporary as she hasn’t quit; she’s just taking maternity leave.

Even so, Rachel got rather emotional when talking about taking a short break from the show she’s been a part of for the last six years.

Rachel shed a lot of tears during her final show before maternity leave.

(Image: Channel 10)

“It’s so weird to be leaving, and also to have no idea who I’m going to be on the other side of this. Because it’s the biggest thing, and the weirdest thing that you can have no measure for,” Rachel said.

Her co-hosts, Sarah Harris and Hamish Macdonald, then expressed their love and admiration for Rachel before admitting they can’t wait for her to return to The Project.

“It’s not your last ever show forever. You’ll be back in a few months. Just have time in the baby bubble and get your head around that,” Sarah said.

Hamish added, “You’re an amazing human. You’re going to be an incredible mum. But we do love you and we look forward to having you back.”

Rachel has been a regular panellist on the show for the past six years.

(Image: Channel 10)

Rachel was overwhelmed with emotions and teared up as her colleagues presented her with flowers and showered her with glitter and confetti. She did end the show on a lighter note though and joked, “Guys, my water’s broken, we need to go to an ad break.”

Rachel’s departure, although temporary, is a significant loss for The Project, following the departures of Lisa Wilkinson, Peter Helliar, and Carrie Bickmore in recent months.

It’s not yet been announced who will replace Rachel while she’s away on maternity leave.

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