5 hilarious Netflix comedy specials to watch right now

Laugh out loud with these amazing stand-up specials!
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If you’re not throwing together a viewing party for the Royal Wedding, you may be in need of some binge-watching inspiration for the weekend.

Fortunately, Netflix is fully stocked with incredible, original stand-up right now.

From the in-your-face musings of the delightfully candid Ali Wong, to the clever comedy of John Mulaney, below are some of the most hilarious Netflix comedy specials to watch right now…

Hard Knock Wife – Ali Wong

Off the back of her incredible 2016 stand-up special Baby Cobra, Ali Wong returns with another brutally honest show. Just like last time, Ali is pregnant as she delivers one-liners about marriage, family and life. However, this time, the 36-year-old comedian is pregnant with her second child and she has PLENTY to say about her experiences as a new mother.

From the “joys” of giving birth, to her disappointment over not being a “trophy wife,” Ali’s musings will have you in stitches.

Michael Che Matters – Michael Che

True to form, Che’s stand-up is filled with honest – occasionally ruthless – political and cultural observations, all delivered in his signature laid-back style.

The Saturday Night Live ‘Weekend Update’ co-anchor covers everything from the Black Lives Matter movement, to homophobia, to the era of Donald Trump, in his witty must-see special.

Kid Gorgeous at Radio City- John Mulaney

As sharp as ever, Mulaney is back with another charismatic special, that’s brimming with actual laugh-out-loud moments.

Whether it’s his ‘middle age’ jokes at just 35, his ‘take’ on attending Catholic School as a child, or his French Bulldog Petunia who’s basically his child, Mulaney’s take on modern life will have you laughing hysterically… if only because you’re trying not to weep over the #relatable content.

Elder Millennial – Iliza Shlesinger

Iliza’s third comedy special will have you in STITCHES. Not only does the comedian manage to perfectly nail the struggles of modern dating, she also manages to deliver a remarkable peacock sound. So, you know, it’s a VERY special show.

While you’re there, check out her other specials Freezing Hot and Confirmed Kills, because you will not be disappointed.

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Rory Scovel Tries Stand-Up For The First Time – Rory Scovel

If you don’t know Scovel from his many appearances on late night talk-show Conan, you may recognise him as the romantic lead in Amy Schumer’s latest flick I Feel Pretty.

In his ‘first’ stand-up special, the self-deprecating comedian flies through a range of seemingly unrelated topics, like his Yeezy-looking jacket and America’s gun problem, while also weaving in and out of playing different ‘characters’. It makes for a gloriously inconsistent and entertaining hour of television.

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