Dust off your roses because the 2023 Bachelors cast has been revealed!

Meet the 29 women ready to find love!
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It’s time for Channel Ten to dust off their roses, and more so than usual, because this year there’s not one, but two, but three eligible bachelors looking for love on The Bachelors 2023.

The leading men include Felix Von Hofe, Jed McIntosh and Thomas Malucelli.

Considering there’s more bachies than previous years, there are a few more women vying for roses this time around – with 29 contestants in the running.

Each woman has been paired with one of the three men – we’re not exactly sure how the couplings were decided. Did Ten hit up Nine’s Married at First Sight love experts? With the success rate of the social experiment, we hope not.

But who is to say there won’t be some rose swapping throughout the season?

Before the drama kicks off, let’s get to know some of the front runner contestants in question!

Jed’s Bachelorettes

Jess, Angela and Abbey.

(IMAGE: Channel 10)

Jess, 24, WA

Having never had a boyfriend. Jess is looking to experience being in love and have someone love her back. She’s generous, kind, has a dry sense of humour and her dream date would be on or near the water with good food and banter.

Angela, 25, VIC

Angela is a woman who knows what she wants: children, marriage and two german shepards. When it comes to men and relationships, she describes herself as a perfectionist. Scared of being vulnerable, falling in love doesn’t come easily.

Abby, 21, NSW

Outgoing, creative and always there for her friends. Abby signed up to The Bachelors to find love and meet new people. Her parents have been married for 26 years and she hopes to find that kind of love for herself.

Thomas’s Bachelorettes

Jenae, CJ and Jacinta.

(IMAGE: Channel 10)

Jenae, 29, VIC

Beauty entrepreneur Jenae built her business from the ground up and that, along with her charity work for animal welfare, is her soul’s happy place. She says she’d love to add someone to complement her life.

CJ, 30, WA

Mum CJ is loud, social and energetic. After years of being single, she’s ready to bring a man into her and her children’s lives She believes the reason she hasn’t found love yet is because she has high standards and knows what she wants…

Jacinta, 30, NSW

The eldest of 27 first cousins, Jacinta is from a big Lebanese family and likes to march to the beat of her own drum. She believes her soulmate is out there in the world and won’t commit until she meets them.

Felix’s Bachelorette’s

Mikki, Eboni and Zara.

(IMAGE: Instagram)

Mikki, 26, NSW

A psychic told Bondi babe Mikki that she’d find her ”penguin” this year and Mikki believes The bachelors may be the perfect place to do so. Her ideal partner is someone who has a positive outlook and is king, caring and has a sense of humour.

Eboni, 29, QLD

Positive, selfless First Nations woman Eboni is yet to find the guy who’s the yin to her yang. Her parents taught her that relationships are a rollercoaster, ever evolving and changing, and she’s ready to go on that ride.

Zara, 27, NSW

Zara has a love of the finer things in life: yachts, private jets and fast cars. The Canadian grew up in Bermuda and has travelled to more than 35 countries. She says she’s loved, but not been ”in love”, and is looking for a serious relationship.

You can read the full contestant list here.

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