EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelorette’s Brett spills the truth about Jarrod

“He’s as clingy as you think…”
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Four guys came, four guys left… But if you thought The Bachelorette’s Brett Moore was gutted that he was part of tonight’s OG Bachelor massacre to make room for the intruders, then think again.

In fact, the WA-based, who spent next to no time with Sophie Monk, couldn’t care less about his elimination.

“I’m just cruising, I’m all good, I’m just enjoying being back in the real world and everything’s going really, really well,” he tells us.

Though the laid-back lad is chilled about his eviction, the way his mates Sam and Ryan have been portrayed has got him fired up.

Jarrod, on the other hand, truly is a stage five clinger, he tells NW.

Here’s the goss…

You never scored a single date with Sophie. Did you spend much time together at all?

Yeah, I went on every single group date. I had a few one-on-one chats when she pulled us aside at cocktail parties a couple of times that were really, really good, but, yeah, obviously never had the one-on-one date.

So, did you think that you were going to be eliminated?

Oh, I don’t know I was fairly cruisy with it either way…

We are there to see if people match for her, so if she sends someone home that’s all there is to it. She didn’t find a match. You can’t fight it either way.

But it has to feel right for you too, no?

Yeah, correct but she’s got the final say!

So was Sophie your type?

Look, to be honest, I think I’d have to delve a bit deeper in to getting to know her before I say that she’s what I am looking for.

I truly, truly believe that what you’re looking for you will end up with. Quite often it’s when you are not looking that you find something, so I will be sweet either way.

How are you coping with fame at the moment?

The pub and going out on the town is definitely a little bit more gnarly than it used to be, but if that’s what you’re into you can definitely lap it up.

I would definitely rather have a cold beer at home with some mates than go out on the town.

Speaking of mates, you and Sammy were quite close. He’s kind of copping it at the moment for his behaviour – do you think he deserves it?

I was lucky enough to room with the hilarious Sammy. One thing I could look back on is laughing till about three or four in the morning every night with Sammy. He comes across as a bit of a pest on the TV but he is hilarious.

I think he’s quite boisterous, quite loud and he is definitely funny, but they sort of chop and skew that, and you only get little samples of people’s personalities. But I think it’s a fairly accurate representation of him on the show…

What about Ryan?

Ryan and I speak on the phone just about every day, unfortunately. He is a ripper bloke!

And, we’re almost afraid to ask. What about Jarrod? Is he as clingy in real life as he appears on the show?

That’s pretty much on point.

What did you think when he and Sophie planted the seeds?

I didn’t take too much notice – it’s not really my cup of tea.

I didn’t really pay attention when it went down in the house, but I watched a little bit of it on the show and it looked like it went down like a lead balloon with Sophie. So yeah I don’t know if that worked for or against him.

Finally, what do you think of the intruders coming in and swiping your spot?

It’s a TV show, so you do what you gotta do.

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