EXCLUSIVE: Sophie Monk’s final four tell all!

The final four Bachelorette boys spill their secrets about the show, Sophie and her potential Number One.
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Sophie Monk has chosen her final four and bets are officially on for who will be her final pick.

These dashing gents know how to treat a lady and seem to have swept Sophie off her feet. And with **The Bachelorette Australia, 2017* hometown dates just around the corner, the boys are airing their dirty laundry before someone does it for them.

In an OK! exclusive, Apollo, Blake, Stu and Jarrod told us exactly why they think they deserve to be with Soph.

Blake Coleman

While none of the boys have known Sophie for very long, 29-year-old Blake Coleman is already convinced they’d be a match made in Bachie heaven.

“I can match her as a person… we would have the best relationship,” he says.

He’s also quick to say that viewers haven’t ALL of Blake, as much of his softer side didn’t make the edit. But Sophie’s seen it, and that’s all that matters.

Apollo Jackson

Magic man Apollo Jackson says he’d totes consider being the next Bachelor!

While trying his best to show Soph a magical time, Apollo Jackson he’s ready for love.

“I’m 100 per cent ready to share my adventures with someone,” he says.

And if it doesn’t work out with Soph, we asked whether Apollo would fill Matty J’s shoes as the next Bachelor. “Everything is still pretty fresh with this, but it’s something I’d definitely consider, yeah.”

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Jarrod Woodgate

In case you missed it, Jarrod Woodgate happily admits that he’s smitten with Sophie.

So much so, he’s even thought about how he’d propose!

“It’ll involve Sophie [and] a helicopter ride to a hidden location,” he shares.

So romantic!

And with hometown dates looming, Jarrod shocked us all saying his family not approving of Sophie is definitely NOT a deal-breaker!

“If they think we work together, great; if [they think] we don’t, people can get over it.”

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Stu Laundy

Stu Laundy says his family’s blessing means the world to him.

Unlike Jarrod, 44-year-old Stu Laundy says he needs the family’s blessing in order for things to work out between him and Sophie.

“It’s been close to 20 years since I brought a new girl home to the family,” he tells OK!.

Nervous but excited, Stu admits: “I hope she’s a huge part of my life. I need the family’s blessing.”

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The Bachelorette Australia final four

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