An overnight date on The Bachelor Australia causes chaos

All hell breaks loose when one girl doesn't come home to The Bachelor mansion.
Matty J The Bachelor

Just when we all thought The Bachelor Australia couldn’t get any more dramatic, this week, a romantic single date turns into an all-nighter. It sends the girls into a frenzy.

“I’m just enraged,” a feisty contestant tells TV WEEK.

The anger stems from the fact one lucky lady failed to return to the mansion after 
the overnight date. It’s the 
first we’ve seen since season one of the hit reality series.

“Honestly, if he pushed her off a cliff tonight, I wouldn’t 
be sad,” the contestant adds.

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Despite the backlash from the girls, Bachelor Matty says he doesn’t regret asking the bachelorette to spend the night with him in a secluded mountain hideaway.

“It has become so clear 
to me that the attraction 
has grown,” Matty, 30, says. 
“I didn’t want it to end.

“What makes me really excited is [seeing] where 
this will go from here.”

And it seems the feeling 
is clearly mutual.

“I can’t help but feel bad 
for the other girls,” Matty’s overnight date, who will be revealed this week, smiles.

“I wasn’t expecting it – not this early on, but I’m not complaining. We have a natural attraction, so it’s hard to keep our hands off each other. 
It was a long time coming.”

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Last month, Matty revealed to TV WEEK he’s very much involved when it comes to choosing who goes on the dates and what they do.

“That was the best part,” 
he explains. “The fact that before filming even started, 
I sat down with the producers. They were like, ‘If money wasn’t an issue, what would 
be your ideal date?’

“So I got to come up with all these ideas and discuss what would and wouldn’t work.

“Anything outdoor-based and being adventurous and risky were the things I really wanted to do on the show.”

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