What REALLY went down between Jen and Matty’s sister on The Bachelor

Master manipulator Jen reckons she’s won Kate over – and is set to get the next single date.
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The drama was dialled way up in tonight’s episode of The Bachelor Australia.

Yep, Matty J’s sister, Kate, paid a surprise visit to the mansion and the girls were in for a roasting.

“When she first walked in I thought she was an intruder. And I thought she’s such a hot intruder!” Bachie babe Jen Hawke reveals to NW exclusively.

“But then she was like ‘I’m Kate’. So I realised that’s Matty’s sister.”

Jen thinks that she has won over Matty’s sister, Kate.

Of course, Jen didn’t shy away from her chance to win over Matty’s sister.

“I was one of the lucky girls who got to speak to her,” she tells.

And, it sounds like Jen believes she has a lot in common with the hunky Bachelor’s sis.

“We both have very similar stances on family. Like what would make a good family, what makes relationships work,” she says.

“Plus, I think she likes the fact that I’m from Sydney.”

Jen definitely thinks that she has won Kate over, but only time will tell. “She could have walked away and hated me, but she was really nice to my face.”

Jen really wants a single date with Matty!

Meanwhile, Jen is determined to get the next single date, even if that means roping in Matty’s sister for back-up.

“I’ve planted the seed with Kate.”

And, what about the other girls? “When I am with Kate I didn’t ask about the other girls because I was confident in myself.”

It sounds like everything is coming up roses for Jen!

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