Sex And The City’s Jason Lewis reflects on playing hunk Smith Jerrod

'The show was a gift'
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Jason Lewis is best known for playing Samantha’s boyfriend Smith Jerrod in Sex And The City.

However, Jason insists his new role as immortal angel Joe Strong in Midnight, Texas tops everything he’s done.

“This is a story that lets you know you have a friend and you’re not alone,” Jason, 47, tells TV WEEK.

That being said, Jason has nothing but fond memories when looking back on his time in Sex And The City.

Jason as immortal angel Joe Strong in Midnight, Texas.

His character gave us a number of memorable moments, both on the TV series and in both films Sex And The City 1 & 2.

However shaving his head for Samantha, who was battling cancer at the time and as a result losing her hair from chemotherapy, is easily one of fans’ favourite heart melting moments from the actor.

He even says those famous risqué sex scenes with Kim Cattrall weren’t that difficult to film.

“It was like sitting down to Sunday brunch – totally normal!” he says with a laugh.”

“You find a weird place in your head and just think, ‘OK, this is what people do!'”

Jason as Smith, sex-mad Samantha’s boyfriend, in 2004.

As for whether Jason is up for the much-discussed third Sex And The City movie, he says he’d “do it in a heartbeat” – despite claims Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker, who played Carrie, are having an epic feud.

“I don’t pay much attention to any of it,” he declares.

“One thing gets said, it gets turned into something much bigger and something it never was. I take media with a grain of salt.”

“I owe them all a great deal. The show was a gift – just being able to do something creative and artistic”

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