Sarah Hyland says her Modern Family character is bisexual

The actress took to social media to share the news.
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She’s played Haley Dunphy on hit US sitcom Modern Family for nine years and her love life has been a recurring storyline – but actress Sarah Hyland has publicly revealed she believes her character is a bisexual.

The 26-year-old responded to fan theories on Thursday, with one Twitter user asking if it was true.

Sarah replied with: “I don’t know what the writers would say? But I confirm.”

She then went on to clarify that her opinions were her own, and the writers have not created that character arc as of yet.

“Just to clarify, I haven’t been told nor is there anything written that would indicate Haley is bisexual. That’s just my personal opinion,” she wrote.

Many fans were quick to jump on and show their support for her new claims.

One follower wrote: “Yay! Go Sarah! I’m bi and proud.”

Another commented: “Thank you so much, you’re a real sweetheart (this literally made my day).”

As reported by People, Haley has had nine boyfriends on the show, including, most recently, Andy (played by Adam DeVine).

Sarah and Adam on set

Season nine is currently airing in the US and has 15 episodes to go – giving plenty of time for Haley to start dating other women.

But if you want to watch the new season, you won’t be able to on Aussie free-to-air TV. In October, Network Ten announced that after a breakdown in communications with 20th Century Fox, Modern Family, This Is Us and The Simpsons were pulled from the network.

Let’s hope the show gets picked up another network very soon! We need the Dunphys back in our lives ASAP.

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