Pia Miller talks filming her last-ever Home And Away scene: “It was super emotional”

Kat Chapman finally met her demise on the season finale of Home And Away.
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Well, it’s finally come to this. After months of speculation of Pia Miller’s departure from the show, Kat Chapman tragically died in the 2017 Home And Away finale.

The 34-year-old actress, who played a cop on the show, joined the Aussie soap three years ago. Her character has been kidnapped, threatened with murder, shot and almost crushed by a car over the years but she (and her unborn child) finally met her demise after a car accident in Monday night’s episode.

While this is the end of the road for Kat, Pia isn’t leaving the small screen just yet though. She’ll be appearing opposite Todd Lasance in the new crime drama Bite Club, premiering in 2018.

The mum-of-two (Isaiah, 14, and Lennox, 11) recently got engaged to Tyson Mullane and is busy planning her impending nuptials.

TV WEEK spoke to her about what her time on Summer Bay meant to her and how hard it was to film her final scene.

How does it feel to have left Home and Away?

“It feels quite surreal. It was a huge part of my life for three years and I am so proud to have been a part of Home And Away. It has provided me with a really solid foundation and so many skills.”

What was your last day on set like?

“It was super emotional. The cast and crew become an extended family, we spend more time with them then we do our own families sometimes so it was incredibly hard knowing I wouldn’t be returning back on set the following week. Like with anyone’s last day, we have a really nice exit ceremony with everyone and our producer, Lucy, makes a toast. I felt sad but also really proud to have been part of the show.”

How did you feel about Kat’s last scene, was it emotional to film?

“Definitely. I think knowing it was my last scene was as emotional as the actual premise of the scene itself.”

Will you keep in touch with anyone from the show?

“Of course! I count some of the cast and crew as family – they know who they are! We catch up often – we have them over on weekends for BBQs and catch ups. They will be lifelong friends.”

What did you love about playing Kat?

“I loved her strength, I loved the versatility of her as a character and a person. I loved that there were plenty of things we had in common – which made playing her that much easier! I think the many storylines I was able to take her through (and hopefully do her justice) is what I loved the most.”

Your profile soared when you started on Home And Away – do you remember the moment it all changed?

“I never went into the show expecting or thinking about that side of the fence. I guess I probably was a little naïve. I mean Home And Away is one of the most watched and loved shows on Australian television and the audience really do connect with the characters. I often walk down the street and someone will refer to me as Kat, not Pia – which is pretty cool. I think it changes for most actors on the show after a solid 8-12 months of being on screen.”

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