Only Murders In The Building turns Sting into a suspect

Did Sting do... what we think he did?
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WARNING: This post contains spoilers for Episodes 1-3 of Only Murders In The Building.

The chances of Grammy Award-winning singer Sting poisoning your dog are slim… but never zero, as it turns out.

Suffice to say, fans of Only Murders In The Building were left in shock by THAT plot twist at the end of the third episode, with a gorgeous bulldog seemingly killed off by the singer.

In fact, the surprise Sting cameo has left fans, and this writer, completely hooked on the drama series – making it the most-watched comedy debut in Hulu history.

Mabel (Selena Gomez), Oliver (Martin Short) and Charles (Steve Martin) with Winnie the bulldog.

(Image: Disney Plus)

The show was already off to a killer start, if you’ll forgive the pun, combining comedy legends Steve Martin and Martin Short together again. Throw in a wry Selena Gomez, gruesome murder and transform beloved singer Sting into a dog-hating-murder-suspect and you’ve got yourself a winner.

The new series has dropped its first three episodes on Disney Plus in Australia, with more to come as new episodes air every Tuesday.

Only Murders In The Building follows true-crime podcast lovers and residents of the grand Arconia apartments in New York, Oliver (Short), Charles (Martin) and Mabel (Gomez), who’ve joined forces to try solve a murder in the building.

Beginning with a captivating scene in the first episode – Mabel bent over a bloody body, declaring “it’s not what it looks like” to a stunned Charles and Oliver – the show has not only hooked us into the murder-mystery of who killed Tim Kono (Julian Cihi), but also the eventual reveal of who Mabel is with in the opening scenes.

Producing their own podcast about the murder as they delve into detective work, the trio make one – or several – major mistakes in the process. They forget they could be living alongside the killer.

And, now, at the climactic end of episode three, viewers have been left asking one pretty major question: did this creepy, fictional version of Sting poison Winnie the bulldog after killing Tim Kono?

The stars hang with Sting on-set.

(Image: Twitter)

Sting is probably not the killer, right? That would all be WAY too easy for a murder-mystery if we found the guy in episode three.

But it’s proven to be quite the cliffhanger as we await the next episode. And, according to show’s co-creator John Hoffman, we shouldn’t rule the star out just yet.

“[He’s] more viable than you would think,” Hoffman tells Entertainment Weekly. “And they find that out in very quick order.”

“When this note appears on Marty’s door at the end of episode 3, it’s the first time there is actual confrontation about what they’re doing and that shocks him.”

“This moment happening with Sting in the elevator hits him in a way that makes him awaken to that idea and the potential for retribution,” he says.

It’s not surprising, then, that the Sting story will require a closer look. After all, he did respond rather quickly – and defensively – when Oliver mentioned the name ‘Tim Kono’ in the elevator.

“This show has a lot going on that’s very meta,” Hoffman continues. “Sting’s reveals, in episodes 4 and ongoing, are about the particular issue of being someone well-known and having a big problem in their own life that occurs.”

Who killed Tim Kono?

(Image: Disney Plus)

“What are the repercussions of a huge celebrity having a problem with somebody, and how far that could go,” Hoffman continues.

“And then the guilt and the shock — being someone famous who could potentially be responsible for someone’s death is what we were dancing around.”

Is Sting involved in the death of Tim Kono? Doubtful. Is he coincidentally poisoning animals, like the poor frozen cat, Evelyn, and Winnie, around the same time as a murderer is running loose in the building? Perhaps.

Looks like we shouldn’t discount Sting as an elusive killer just yet.

Only Murders In The Building, Episode 4 airs Tuesday, September 7 on Disney Plus.

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