Asher Keddie on filming that heartbreaking scene on Offspring last night

“It’s very, very, difficult stuff.”
Offspring Nina Asher Keddie

While we’re used to getting emotional while watching Offspring, during last night’s episode there were also some utterly heartbreaking scenes.

Nina had to break the devastating news to a first time mother that her baby no longer had a heartbeat. The mother then had to give birth to her stillborn baby girl naturally.

“The stillborn baby storyline is probably the most challenging thing I have ever shot on the show,” Asher tells TV WEEK.

“It was something that we didn’t want to shy away from, because it’s really important, and so many people experience it.

“We wanted to do it as delicately and as truthfully as possible. And I’m so pleased with the way it played out. It’s very, very, difficult stuff,” she explains.

Shortly after the tragic events unfolded, Asher’s character Nina realised that she was pregnant to her partner Harry – who was ecstatic with the news.

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Their relationship has had some rocky moments recently as Harry has been toying with the idea of moving overseas for work.

“Initially she feels a little threatened by Harry’s need to travel further for his career,” Asher says. “And of course, because she’s Nina, she think it’s because of her – that life with a child has become too hard for him.”

Of course, when Nina shares the news of the baby, Harry is thrilled.

With only a few episodes left this season, we can’t wait to see how the rest of the Proudman clan react to the news another baby is on the way.

If you’re struggling and need someone to talk to, contact Lifeline ( on 1311 14 or visit Headspace at ( Visit Beyond Blue at ( or call 1300 22 4636. You can also contact the Stillborn Foundation Australia .

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