Neighbours recap: Elly was caught in the buff!

Yashvi pulled a cruel prank on Elly this week.
Elly (Jodi Anasta)

In the nude

This week on Neighbours, Elly (Jodi Anasta) was left red-faced when a mean prank was played on her at school.

Elly was already stressed as she was due to meet with the Department to pitch for more funding for the school, but things got much, much worse.

Yashvi’s (Olivia Junkeer) stinky moisturising serum accidentally squirted all over Elly, and she was forced to have a shower before her meeting.

Elly’s impromptu shower gave Tia (Erica Brown) the opportunity to get back at Elly for previously embarrassing her about her uniform.

Tia managed to convince Kirsha (Vani Dhir) to steal Elly’s clothes whilst she is in the shower!

Poor Elly is caught with her pants down – literally!

Elly is left in an awkward situation when she realises that her clothes are gone and she is stark naked at school!

Luckily she is able to secure Ben’s help and made it back to her office, but when she closed the door behind her, who does she find waiting in her office?

None other than Susan (Jackie Woodburne) and Lana Kline (Elizabeth Parisi) from the Department. Whoops!

Neighbour vs neighbour

Meanwhile, Karl (Alan Fletcher) and Sheila (Colette) went head-to-head this week for the leadership role on the Liveability committee.

Things got interesting when Sheila noticed that Susan hadn’t turned up to support Karl at the vote for the committee which Sheila used to her advantage!

Since Karl and Susan returned from Thailand, things have been off between the couple but neither of them have addressed it.

The neighbours square off over the Liveability Committee.

When Sheila brought it to Karl’s attention that Susan was a no-show, he immediately asked Sheila what she knew.

Sheila decided to bluff and told Karl that she knew everything!

Karl immediately got scared and decided to withdraw from the race, much to Sheila’s surprise.

As Sheila celebrated her new appointment as the head of Liveability Committee, Karl told Shane (Nicholas Coghlan) the truth about what happened in Thailand.

Sheila is chuffed with her win!

It turns out that Susan has the dirts with Karl because on their way back from Thailand, Karl smuggled a durian fruit home with them.

But during the customs check, he was asked what the smell was and Karl blamed the durian smell on Susan!

Karl told the customs officer that Susan had an ‘accident’ due to her MS, leaving Susan extremely annoyed and embarrassed. We don’t blame her!

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