Neighbours recap: Terese tells the truth

Gary and Piper are left reeling by Terese’s news.

By Alex McCarthy

Bearer of bad news

After recently being diagnosed with breast cancer, Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) has taken her time in processing the news.
So much so that she hadn’t yet told her fiancé Gary (Damien Richardson) and her daughter Piper (Mavournee Hazel)!
Poor Gary has been so worried about Terese due to her odd behaviour and he even suspected that she could either be pregnant or drinking again.
This week on Neighbours, Terese finally broke the news of her diagnosis to her family.
Gary and Piper were both equally shocked and devastated.
Ashamed for hiding the news, Terese covered by telling them she didn’t want to add to their stress. However, she failed to mention that Paul knew about her diagnosis and had been supporting her through it.
We wonder how long until Gary discovers that information!
How will Gary react when he realises that Paul knew about Terese's cancer before he did?

Relapse fears

Meanwhile, Karl’s (Alan Fletcher) fears for Susan’s (Jackie Woodburne) health came true this week when she collapsed at school after working late the night before.
After all of the stress brought on by Finn (Rob Mills), Karl had begged his wife to take a step back and take care of herself but Susan had pushed through.
But after her fall, she finally agrees to have a check-up at the hospital.
Susan is unable to stand up following her fall.
After going to the hospital, Karl reminds his wife that she promised to take some time off if she had another MS flare up.
Susan reluctantly agrees and Karl books them a trip to Thailand for some mandatory R&R.
Here’s hoping that Susan can relax and stop any further MS symptoms!

A new home

Toadie’s (Ryan Moloney) fake daughter Willow (Mieke Billing-Smith) has returned to Ramsay Street and settled in quickly.
But living in close quarters with the Sharma-Rebecchi’s is proving difficult. In order to make Willow a little more comfortable, Toadie decides to get them an apartment at Eclipse.
Willow is delighted at the news, but Toadie is left wondering if he made the decision too quickly.
When Willow mentions it to Sonya (Eve Morey), she is thrown that Toadie made such a drastic decision to move off Ramsay Street. Is this the final nail in the coffin for Toadie and Sonya?
Willow is excited at the prospect of a new home with Toadie.

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