Milo Ventimiglia’s surprising Gilmore Girls revelation may have just broken our hearts

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All Gilmore Girls fans will be well-versed in the love life of Rory and her three great romances – Jess, Dean and Logan.

And, any self-respecting fan, in our opinion at least, will be, despite all logic, Team Jess.

The bad boy nephew of Luke rolled into town all gorgeous and brooding and instantly stole our hearts.

In a recent interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, however, Milo Ventimiglia, the equally beloved actor who played Jess, all but shattered our allusions of the teen heartthrob.

We’re Team Jess.


Chatting to the talk show host via video call, Jimmy spotted a picture frame in the background of Milo’s screen.

The 43-year-old grabbed the frame from his wall and revealed it was his framed Emmy nomination which he had stuck an ‘I heart Dean 4 Ever’ sign on.

“It says ‘I love Dean 4 ever,” Milo explained, referencing Rory’s first boyfriend, played by Jared Padalecki.

Milo showed off his memorabilia.


“Is that rubbing it in his face?” Jimmy asked to which Milo responded: “”No, no, not at all.

“Jared and I are really good friends, and I made the sign for some photograph that somebody was looking for online or something.”

The This Is Us actor has kept that little piece of paper proudly on his wall since.

Although this breaks our heart a little we shouldn’t be surprised, the actor has made his allegiance clear in the past.

Jess has made his feelings about Dean clear.


During the 2015 Gilmore Girls reunion panel at the ATX TV Festival, Milo admitted: “I’ve always been Team Dean. Logan [Rory’s college boyfriend] was a d–k.”

It’s a fair argument to make considering Dean was the perfect boyfriend, literally building her a car at one point. Meanwhile, Jess stuck to his bad boy ways till the end.

Even with Milo’s input, we can’t help the way we feel – Team Jess 4 Ever.

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