Think you’re a McLeod’s Daughters super fan? Test your knowledge with our ultimate quiz!

Even we got caught on some of these tricky Qs!
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There’s no denying McLeod’s Daughters is one of Australia’s most iconic and beloved shows.

With the series now on streaming sites available to binge-watch over and over there is a whole new generation of fans, too.

Whether you watched it as it aired originally or are streaming it now (or if you’re us, you can’t get enough and have done both), the McLeod’s fandom lives on.

Regardless of which category you fall into, many claim to be ultimate super fan. There’s no better way to know than to test your knowledge with our quiz below (you can find all the answers at the bottom of the page).

Think you know everything there is to know about these ladies?


1 McLeod’s Daughters first began airing in what year?

2 Who played Claire McLeod in the original telemovie that spawned the hit series?

3 What’s the name of the character played by Sonia Todd?

4 What’s the name of the McLeod family property?

5 What’s the name of the property run by Alex and Nick?

6 Who came up with the idea for McLeod’s Daughters?

7 Which Australian state was the show filmed in?

(a) South Australia

(b) NSW

(c) Victoria

(d) Queensland

8 How are Claire and Tess related?

9 Which city did Ruth take Tess to after her marriage to Jack McLeod broke down?

10 Luke Jacobz, who played Patrick Brewer, also starred in which other Aussie soap?

11 Who’s the real father of Claire’s baby?

12 Where does Claire give birth

to her child?

(a) In a hospital

(b) In the car

(c) In a shed

(d) In her bedroom

13 What does Claire decide to name her baby?

We might need to revisit some of these episodes for a refresher.


14 What was the name of the horse Claire rode in the Stockman’s Challenge seen in the finale of season two?

15 What’s the name of the actress who plays Jodi Fountain McLeod?

16 What colour were the bridesmaids’ dresses at Tess and Nick’s wedding?

17 Which McLeod’s star also appeared in the comedy series Upper Middle Bogan?

18 How does Claire McLeod die?

19 What was Alex going to do on the day Claire died?

20 What’s the name of Claire McLeod’s dog?

21 What stones does Stevie Hall have to sell when she first shows up in town?

22 What’s the name of Stevie’s daughter?

23 Stevie’s sister cares for her – what’s her name?

24 What’s the name of Stevie’s ex-husband who turns up in season four, and who’s the actor playing him?

25 What’s the name of Jodi’s boyfriend in early seasons?

26 What colour was Alex’s ute?

WATCH: McLeod’s Daughters greatest moments.

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27 What’s the name of the fictional town closest to the McLeod property?

28 Brett Tucker played which character on the show?

29 How did Stevie arrive at her wedding to Alex?

30 Simmone Jade Mackinnon became a regular cast member in which season?

31 In season six it was revealed Nick Ryan had not died in a plane crash. Which country had he been in while he was in a coma?

32 Which ex-Heartbreak High character played Grace Kingston McLeod?

33 McLeod’s Daughters ran for how many seasons?

34 What is the name of the real-life, heritage-listed homestead in South Australia used as a filming location?

35 To which strapping Hollywood star was Simmone Jade Mackinnon once engaged?

36 Tess slipped and fell into a wheat silo in which season?

37 How did Alex die?

38 Which McLeod’s Daughter faked her own death to go into witness protection?

39 Baby Charlotte’s nickname “BOM” was short for what?

40 What did the character of Dave Brewer do for a job?

41 Bridie Carter was nominated for how many TV WEEK Logies while on the show?

(a) Six

(b) Eight

(c) Two

(d) Four

42 Who played Becky Howard?

43 What’s the full name of the child Alex and Stevie had?

44 Meg Rivers ended up marrying which man?

45 Which continent did Dave

leave to live and work in?

46 As well as starring in McLeod’s Daughters, Brett Tucker appeared on which iconic Aussie soap?

47 Marcus Turner was played by which Aussie actor?

48 In which season did Jodi discover that Jack McLeod was actually her father?

49 McLeod’s Daughters: Songs From The Series released how many volumes?

50 Jonny Pasvolsky most famously played which character?

Time to check your answers!



  1. 2001, 2. Tammy MacIntosh, 3. Meg Fountain, 4. Drovers Run,5. Killarney, 6. Posie Graeme-Evans, 7. (a) South Australia, 8. They are half-sisters, 9. Melbourne, 10. Home and Away, 11. Peter Johnson, 12. (c) In a shed, 13. Charlotte, 14. Brave J, 15. Rachael Carpani, 16. Purple, 17. Michala Banas, 18. Her car crashes and plunges over a cliff, 19. Propose to her, 20. Roy, 21. Opals, 22. Rose, 23. Michelle, 24. Jarred, played by Grant Bowler, 25. Alberto, 26. Black, 27. Gungellan, 28. Dave Brewer, 29. On horseback, 30. Season three, 31. Argentina, 32. Abi Tucker, 33. Eight, 34. Kingsford, 35. Jason Momoa, 36. Season three, 37. Crushed by a falling tree branch, 38. Jodi Fountain McLeod, 39. “Baby of McLeod”, 40. He was a vet, 41. (a) Six, 42. Jessica Napier, 43. Alexander “Xander” Hall Ryan, 44. Terry Dodge, 45. Africa, 46. Neighbours, 47. Matt Passmore, 48. Season five, 49. Three, 50. Matt Bosnich

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