Married At First Sight recap episode 17

Andrew has gone from bad to waaaaaaayyyyyyyy worse.

So many things happened in tonight’s episode of Married At First Sight but it’s hard to look past Andrew’s behaviour. If you missed tonight’s episode, here’s what got my heart racing.

#1 Sean is a true gentleman

Sean and Susan decided to let Cheryl know that Andrew did not have her back during the boy’s night. They invited Cheryl over for a cuppa and calmly explained that Sean felt uncomfortable with Andrew’s behaviour. They handled the whole situation with poise and maturity, as did Cheryl when she realised what had occurred. After some of the behaviour we’ve seen on the show, it was just refreshing to see three adults discussing a difficult issue in a rational way. You go, guys! So, how did Andrew handle things? Not so maturely…

Andrew’s having memory troubles…

#2 No one believes you, Andrew

We’ve all said things about our partners on a night out that we might regret in the morning. The difference is that most of us don’t have a reality TV crew following our every step and documenting every conversation. Andrew said some not very pleasant things about his partner Cheryl during the boy’s night. When John the expert confronted Andrew about it, he played the “I don’t remember” card, and promptly lost the respect of the entire country. Cheryl didn’t need to hear the details; she just needed a genuine apology. Come on, Andrew. I wanted more from you tonight.

#3 Meet the parents (again)

It was dinner party time for all the couples as they met up with their nearest and dearest. Most of them survived unscathed. Michelle and Jesse probably got the biggest grilling. Jesse’s step dad couldn’t feel the chemistry between them, admitting that he felt that they’ll probably end up “just good friends”. At this stage, I tend to agree.

#4 Nadia is so much more that a skateboard

Anthony put his foot in it during tonight’s dinner party with his family and Nadia’s sister. For some baffling reason he described marrying Nadia as “asking Santa Claus for a bike and getting a skateboard”. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN, ANTHONY?! After much awkward clarification, Anthony revealed that “Nadia is the skateboard” and that “the skateboard is the upgrade”. So, in case you missed it, calling Nadia a skateboard was a massive compliment…

Nadia’s sister is all of us trying to understand what Anthony actually means…

#5 Aaaaaand back to Andrew

As part of their relationship bootcamp, John sent Cheryl and Andrew off on a date for some quality one-on-one time. Things were going okay until Andrew said that he feels he’s “putting in more effort” to their relationship and that he’s “honestly not sure what more I can do”. It was at this point that I began throwing things at the TV. Andrew, you are not blameless in this relationship breakdown, in fact you are far from it. If he doesn’t step up soon, I really hope Cheryl writes “leave” at next week’s commitment ceremony.

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