Married At First Sight recap episode 16

Andrew is on thin ice.

In tonight’s commitment ceremony, everyone decided to stay – aside from Andrew, who wanted to leave Cheryl and the experiment. But that wasn’t the only awkward moment on Married At First Sight tonight. Here’s what got us talking:

#1 Can we please discuss THAT frigid comment

It’s no secret that Anthony and Nadia are struggling with intimacy. But for Anthony to call Nadia frigid in front of everyone? It came out very harsh, whether he wanted it to or not. It also felt very ‘high school’. Instead of creating intimacy, Anthony may have driven Nadia even further away. To her credit, Nadia did handle the whole debacle with grace and poise, telling Anthony, “I think you are as awkward as I am.” You go, girl!

Nadia was clearly unimpressed by Anthony’s comments.

#2 What is going on with Andrew?

Andrew chose to leave Cheryl in tonight’s commitment ceremony. He justified his behaviour by saying that he felt that it was clear that Cheryl was not into him or the relationship. However, Cheryl had told the judges that she was keen and willing to try again. Anthony decided to give things another go, only to spend the following evening at “boys night” bagging out Cheryl to all the guys. It was classic attention seeking behaviour and I was NOT impressed.

#3 Simon and Sean are total heroes

It was clear that Simon and Sean were uncomfortable with how Andrew was talking about Cheryl. Simon was the first to admit that he felt Cheryl was “getting the blunt end of the stick”. Sean also wasn’t impressed with the language being used. “I just think how he was speaking, you shouldn’t speak like that about girls.” It’s nice to see that these two tried to shift the conversation around – even if it didn’t really work out.

Can everyone please just give Cheryl a break?!

#4 Why is Anthony so against Cheryl and Andrew’s relationship?

Anthony seems to have taken a particular interest in Andrew and Cheryl’s relationship. Why? Sure, Cheryl and Andrew might be on Struggle Street, but perhaps Anthony should take a good look at his own relationship before judging anyone else’s. Tonight he made the point of telling Andrew, “I don’t want to back you and Cheryl, no way!” After the way Andrew was talking, it really doesn’t seem like he’s willing to give things a proper go, but why is it so important to Anthony that they don’t work out? It’s a riddle, that’s for sure. ​

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