Married At First Sight recap episode 15

Another dinner party, another scandal…

For a show about marriage, we’re having a hard time seeing the love on Married At First Sight. Tonight’s episode was all about Andrew and Cheryl’s relationship breakdown. Here’s what happened…

The beef continues

We saw things heat up between Cheryl’s dad Hamish and Andrew last night on the show, and tonight, things went from bad to atrocious. Nothing Andrew said could please Hamish. The lowest point? Watching the two men argue about the size and shape of their feet. Yep, that actually happened. Needless to say, Cheryl was mortified.

Difficult to call who won this round.

Andrew moves out

It’s no huge surprise that Andrew isn’t stoked with the way things are progressing between himself and Cheryl. But the grilling from Cheryl’s dad may have tipped things over the edge. Having returned to Sydney, Andrew dropped the news to Cheryl that he was going to move out into his own apartment ju st moments before the pair head off to the dinner party. While there wasn’t much Cheryl could do at this point, she did try to ask Andrew to keep their situation private as she’s sick of being the centre of controversy at every dinner party she goes to, which is actually fair enough.

The secret gets spilled

Instead of respecting Cheryl’s wishes, Andrew blabbed to anyone that would listen about how much of a bad time he had on the home visit and how he had moved into his new apartment – all behind Cheryl’s back, of course. If he was serious about trying to fix things, he really should have thought twice before acting the way he did. Also, as the experts pointed out, Andrew is not blameless here – it’s not 100 per cent Cheryl’s fault that things aren’t working out between them. Bottom line – Andrew’s behaviour tonight was immature and unimpressive.

Anthony is still a know it all

In other news, Anthony is still incredibly annoying. Does anyone else find it weird that he says Nadia’s name all the time? It just makes everything he says sound even more aggressive. Oh, and he REALLY didn’t want to hear about Nadia’s past loves. No matter how well he thinks they are progressing, they are clearly not ready to have “The Ex” chat.

Anthony can’t believe that Nadia would discuss past boyfriends in front of him.

Susan gave the most awkward apology of all time

Susan was keen to apologise to the twins, who she felt were bullying Cheryl at last week’s dinner party, only it all came out terribly wrong. Sharon got upset at being called a bully, Michelle was upset by being tarred with the same brush on account of simply being Sharon’s twin. While Susan may have had good intentions, the whole thing turned into a complete disaster.

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