Alene and Simon wanted to stay out of the drama

We were focused on ourselves.

It’s been a dramatic week on Married At First Sight, yet Alene and Simon haven’t let themselves get swept up in the scandal.

In fact, Alene admits that she actively kept her distance from the other contestants in order to focus on her own relationship.

“I did alienate myself a bit from the others,” Alene tells TV WEEK. “Because I just thought, ‘I do not have the mental capacity and energy to work on a relationship with my partner and relationships with others.

“I tried to keep things formal and not get too involved,” she says.

“Simon and I came onto this experiment to find relationships – we both already had friends,” Alene explains. “So we weren’t interested in working on our relationships with the other couples. We were focused on ourselves.”

Simon supported Alene’s wishes to spend any spare time they had with each other instead of socialising with the group, however, he did enjoy a beer with the boys every now and again.

“He’s a man and every now and then he needed some boy’s time and a break from relationship talk, and I totally understand that!” Alene says.

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