Liz Hayes explains why 60 Minutes is still going strong

“It’s the ultimate reality show!”
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As 60 Minutes prepares to celebrate its 40th year on air, veteran reporter Liz Hayes reckons she’s uncovered the secret to the show’s longevity.

“In a time where we love reality TV, we’re the ultimate reality show,” Liz, 62, tells TV WEEK.

“For four decades we’ve told real stories that entertain, inform and help the audience know and understand.”

Liz says 60 Minutes is the “ultimate” reality show.

Earlier this year, 60 Minutes was inducted into the TV WEEK Logie Awards Hall Of Fame with legendary reporters Jana Wendt, Ray Martin and George Negus on hand for the milestone.

Reporter Charles Wooley maintains the show still has it’s place, though the world has changed since 60 Minutes premiered in 1979.

“It’s more about telling stories now than showing people things,” he says. “I think we’ll be around for a while yet.”

The 60 Minutes team (from left): Liam Bartlett, Tara Brown, Allison Langdon, Charles Wooley, Liz Hayes, Tom Steinfort and Ross Coulthart.

Among Liz’s most important stories for the flagship program was ‘The Sting’ in 1997.

“That was the capture of serial paedophile Robert ‘Dolly’ Dunn,” Liz recalls.

“The Federal police knew which country he was in [Honduras], but didn’t have the resources to get him.

“We tracked him down and worked with the authorities so they could arrest him.”

Liz has been a 60 Minutes reporter since 1996.

As for Liz’s favourite high- profile interviewee?

“Sitting down with George Clooney was remarkable – and I don’t mean just to look at,” she says with a laugh.

60 Minutes airs Sunday, 7pm, on the Nine Network.

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