Liev Schreiber opens up about his relationship with his ex Naomi Watts

The Ray Donovan star talks candidly to TV WEEK about the fact that he can’t fix everything.
Liev Schreiber

He has four Golden Globe nominations and three Emmy nods to his name. Yet the role of tough guy Ray Donovan has always proved challenging for Liev Schreiber.

And after the past year, in which he split up with Australian actress Naomi Watts and became a single dad to sons Sasha, 10, and Kai, eight, it’s only getting tougher.

Ahead of his fifth season as Ray Donovan’s fixer and family man, Liev, 49, opens up about juggling his career, children and maintaining a strong relationship with Naomi.

In difficult times, Liev manages to keep a cool head by having a firm grasp on his priorities.

“You’ve just got to remember what’s important. For me, it’s our kids,” he tells TV WEEK.

“Relationships are really difficult, and careers on the scale of Naomi’s and mine are complicated. So I’m glad we had something that isn’t complicated, which is children.”

Liev admits that playing such a demanding role, like that of Ray Donovan, has taken a toll on his personal life.

“I thought a lot about that – particularly in the last two years. I’ve thought, “Jesus, this affected me!” But everyone who dedicates that much time to their work [has it], not just actors. It changes you. It changes your relationships. It changes everything.”

Regardless of their busy schedules, Liev and Naomi are focused on keeping their family strong.

“It’s important we find ways to fill in the cracks with each other,” Liev says. “If that means saying no to projects, neither of us has a problem with that. Hopefully, you pick someone you respect. In the case of me and Naomi, we’re always going to have a relationship because we have children. So it’s important we work together well in that way. So far, it’s been great.”

Read our full interview with Liev Schreiber in this week’s issue of TV WEEK on sale now.

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