Inside Kylie Gillies LUXURY Maldives Holiday

Her stay is costing in the tens of thousands.....
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Sunrise and Morning Show co-host Kylie Gillies has splashed some serious cash on her luxury vacation in the Maldives, racking up a bill that is sure to be in the tens of thousands.

After a visit to India to celebrate a family members wedding, Kylie was quick to jet across the ocean on a short three-hour flight to Velana International Airport before settling in at her over the water villa.

Boasting panoramic ocean views, the villa also features an infinity pool and direct access to the warm waters of the Maldives.

So where is Kylie staying?

Kylie enjoyed some gourmet cocktails at the resorts overwater bar.

(IMAGE: Instagram)

Kylie and her husband of almost 35 years, Tony, are staying on the island of Male at Club Med Finolhu Villas.

An all inclusive five star resort, the accommodation describes itself as the ”perfect romantic hideaway in the heart of the Maldives.”

After some careful sleuthing, Now to Love can reveal that Kylie is staying in an Overwater Villa with sunrise views.

With a turtle-shell shaped roof and wooden stairs that take you right to the sea, Club Med describes this villa as one that ”grabs the imagination.”

Kylie and her husband are spending more than $5000 a night to stay in this contemporary villa at a fully inclusive Club Med resort.

(IMAGE: Instagram)

With contemporary decor designed to compliment it’s natural surroundings, this holiday sounds like a dream come true!

As part of their stay, Kylie and Tony will be able to enjoy gourmet cuisines, cocktails and even activities ranging from sailing, scuba diving, scenic flights, spa experiences and more!

But the fun doesn’t stop there, soon after arriving, Kylie shared some videos of a stingray and shark swimming around her villa which also serves as a vibrant snorkelling point.

WATCH NOW: Kylie snaps a video of a stingray circling her overwater villa. Article continues after video.

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What is the holiday costing her?

Inside Kylie’s villa……

(IMAGE: Club Med)

Considering Kylie is visiting at peak time during the dry season AND around Christmas, we predict that she is paying top dollar for her time there.

And at average of $5,200 AUD per night and what we predict will be at least a week long stay, Kylie could be paying upwards of $35,000, not including luxury add ons like a round trip airport transfer to Male at $1,200 and additional holiday activities.

And then of course are the flights home!

Sigh, we can dream right?

Kylie shared a hilarious behind the scenes shot of just how difficult it was for her to climb up onto this beach swing.

”If you didn’t do the sea swing photo, have you even BEEN to the Maldives?,” Kylie joked.

(IMAGE: Instagram)

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