Kitty Flanagan is leaving The Weekly after four seasons

The comedian makes a sad (but funny) announcement
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During the season finale of The Weekly With Charlie Pickering, comedian and co-host of the show Kitty Flanagan announced she was leaving after four seasons.

Though we’re sad to see her go from the ABC program, we have to admit her quitting style was quite remarkable.

The hilarious star walked on to the stage holding a giant card, which read ‘I’m leaving, you’ll miss me,’ before making her announcement.

“I’ve had it, I want to do real journalism, I am sick of being your kooky stooge. I am like this show’s weatherman, your go to idiot. I am better than that,” she told Charlie.

She then launched in to an ‘in memoriam’ segment that honoured her illustrious career on the hit show.

Watch the full clip below.

Though she’s leaving, Charlie confirmed Kitty will return for a 2018 “Yearly” special in December.

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