People are criticising Katie Price over this photo of three-year-old son Jett

Followers are mum-shaming her on social media.

When Katie Price posted an adorable photo of her children in front of the fireplace earlier this week, she probably didn’t realise she was about to open herself up to all kinds of mum-shaming criticism.

The main point of focus in the comments posted on the Instagram snap was the fact that her son, Jett, was wearing a nappy.

“A bit too old to be wearing nappies isn’t he?” one user posted.

“Jett is three isn’t he?” another wrote. “He should not still be in nappies.”

Besides the nappy situation, Katie was also called out for letting Jett, his brother Junior and sister Princess stand so close to the fire.

Luckily, not all of the comments on the photo were negative. Many disagreed with the critics and stood up for Katie, including a lot of parents whose kids also wore nappies to a similar age.

“Children develop in many different ways so what jett isn’t fully out of nappies his time will come!! I’ve had children just off to school still in nappies within my job!! And I think this photo is lovely!!” one user wrote. “At my workplace we teach them about fire, it’s danger and how to put it out once we’re finished and there 3 to 4 year olds and they even toast marhmellows!! The younger they learn the better”

“Pull ups go up to the age of 7 for a reason,” another added. “Could be any number of reasons. All kids develop at different stages. Dont be so quick to judge. Mums are supposed to support other mums, not be giving out hate!”

The Victorian government’s Better Health guidelines advice that children need to be between 18 months and three years old before they’re mature enough to recognise the urge to go to the toilet, and that it may take years for them to successfully get the hang of it.

They advise that when toilet training, it’s important not to get angry over accidents or put too much pressure on children. Instead, make sure they always feel supported and even try to make the process fun for them.

You can read more toilet training guidelines here.

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