Kate Miller-Heidke on the meaning behind her powerful Eurovision song Zero Gravity

“I was overwhelmed by the response!”
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Kate Miller-Heidke was crowned winner of Eurovision – Australia Decides earlier this year, after delivering a haunting performance of her original song ‘Zero Gravity.’

The deeply personal song, which details her battle with postnatal depression, has resonated with fans around the world. Something Kate takes immense pride in.

“I was overwhelmed by the response to the song,” says Kate, who is mum to Ernie with her husband Keir Nuttall.

The 37-year-old singer says she was honoured to hear from other mothers, who reached out to her online, revealing their response “gives meaning” to what she does.

“It’s definitely empowering to take something that’s personal and vulnerable and to turn it in to connection with people,” Kate tells TV WEEK. “I do feel the song goes to those dark places, but ultimately it’s an empowering song to sing, and hopefully to hear, as well.”

Kate and Ernie’s playful farewell at the airport, ahead of Eurovision (Image: Instagram/@katemillerheidke).

Kate performed Zero Gravity in the Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Final this week, altering her stunning performance for the world stage. After the show-stopping performance, which nabbed her a role in the Grand Final to be held on Saturday, she has emerged as a favourite to win.

This time, the singer joined her dancers and performed on a sway pole, instead of being stationary on a step-ladder as she was at Australia Decides. So, why the change?

Kate reveals the new theatrical staging reflects her “slightly bonkers” song.

“I think Aus Decides was a really great trial run and there were aspects of the performance that worked really well,” Kate says.

“But I was really keen to streamline it and make it a little bit more simple, but also more striking and hopefully more impactful.”

Kate is defying gravity at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest (Image: Getty).

Kate is “thrilled” to be performing at the song contest in Tel Aviv, revealing she’s a longtime fan.

“I’ve always loved watching Eurovision, particularly as a kind of niche artist,” she says. “It’s a real unique, theatrical, lavish, over-the-top, camp experience. For all those reasons I was really drawn to it.”

Kate is following in the footsteps of former Australian competitors including Guy Sebastian and Dami Im, both of whom she’s spoken to ahead of the contest.

“I’ve been in touch with Guy and Dami, and they gave me some very needed advice about what it’s like,” she says.

As for what she’s most excited about experiencing at the world-famous song contest?

“I’ve really been looking forward to hearing all the different languages, and being part of such an eclectic and delirious celebration.”

Kate is “thrilled” to be a part of Eurovision (Image: Getty).

The Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Grand Final airs Sunday 19 May, 8.30pm on SBS, with live streaming at SBS On Demand. For more information on when to watch the program, see here.

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