Jennifer Lopez reveals how relationships and kids have changed her outlook on life

“I’m a different person now”
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Jennifer Lopez’s style isn’t the only thing that has changed dramatically over the course of her impressive showbiz career. The 49-year-old entertainer recognises that she has personally changed over time.

As a mother, Jennifer – who has been dating former professional baseball player Alex Rodriguez, 43, since last year – admits she has to be cautious about who she lets into her world.

“Everything is about them, and you want somebody around who understands children and is capable of loving children,” she says.

“When you have kids, you can’t have any random, selfish person come into your life.”

“You want someone around who can love children”

As for whether her children are following in her footsteps, the World Of Dance executive producer and judge says she isn’t fussed what path they choose – as long as they’re happy.

“I don’t care what they want to be,” she says. “I want them to be happy, fulfilled and to love themselves.

“They both sing, but I don’t know what else they will do. They don’t dance, but they sing. They’re adorable!”

On the subject of performing, Jen knows all too well how nerve-racking it can be to get up on stage and execute in front of an audience.

But after a career spanning more than two decades, the star says she no longer suffers from stage fright or pre-show nerves.

“You’re born to perform and you just go out there and do it,” she says.

J.Lo flanked by fellow World of Dance judges Ne-Yo and Derek Hough.

World of Dance airs Saturday, 7pm, on Nine Network.

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