Home and Away star Matt Evans on his behind the scenes BFFs

''My life has changed.''
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They’ve put away the boards and beach towels for now, so what are the stars of Home and Away up to for the holidays?

There’s plenty of Christmas cheer in the air when TV WEEK enjoys a day of fun with the cast of Home and Away. There’s music, footy tackles and plenty of summer shenanigans to get us into the spirit.

”I’d like the challenge of dramatic storylines,” says Matt.

(IMAGE: TV Week)

Earlier this year, a band called Lyrik arrived in Summer Bay. For fans of Matt Evans, who was a contestant on The Voice in 2020 before joining H&A, the storyline presented an opportunity for his musical talent to shine.

”I had so much fun as the front man [of Lyrik],” Matt tells TV WEEK.

”I felt I was doing something I haven’t had the opportunity to do for a while.”

It has been a significant two years for the young actor, who has played Theo Poulos since 2021.

Matt was nominated for the Graham Kennedy Award for Most Popular New Talent at the TV WEEK Logie Awards this year, the reality of which still hasn’t sunk in.

”Obviously, it was nice to be noticed by others [via the Logie nomination], but it was more for myself, to say, ‘You’re doing OK’ and to keep striving,” he says.

”My life has changed so much that I often need to take time to reflect on that so I can be grateful for what I have.”

This actor knows his way around a guitar!

(IMAGE: TV Week)

His star may be shining bright, but Matt is focusing on doing the job.

”My hope is that Theo is involved in more dramatic storylines, so I get to challenge myself more and learn to the best of my ability,” he says, adding that his co-stars are pillars of support.

”Jimmy [James Stewart] and Ada [Nicodemou, who plays his aunt Leah] are both such professionals,” he enthuses.

”I’ve learnt everything I know from them.

”Of the cast, I’m closest with Jimmy. I get to work with him all the time, so we have an extensive relationship. Ray [Meagher] is always pleasant and funny. He has some great jokes”

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