Home and Away: Luke Van Os and Kirsty Marillier’s unlikley friendship

''We're having a blast.''
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There’s plenty of laughter coming from the pool deck during our Home And Away photo shoot – most of it from the show’s newest recruits, Kirsty Marillier and Luke Van Os.

”Sometimes we can’t stop laughing between takes,” Kirsty, who plays policewoman Rose, tells TV WEEK.

”I reckon I’ve finally cracked him and now he thinks I’m funny.”

Luke Van Os and Kristy Marillier get on like brother and sister.

(IMAGE: TV Week)

Kirsty’s remarks aren’t too dissimilar from her on-screen counterpart, who is often bickering with her paramedic sibling Xander, played by Luke.

The pair nod at the observation.

”We fight like siblings all the time, to the point where I have marks from whipping each other with tea towels between takes,” Luke says with a laugh.

”I love Kirsty like a sister and wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Since the actors made their debut in March, it’s been a steep learning curve, on and off screen. But they’ve loved every minute.

”This year has been so thrilling and fulfilling,” Kirsty says.

”It’s been a ride getting to know the lay of the land and I feel like I’ve finally found my feet.”

Away from the bay, Luke calls Melbourne home.

(IMAGE: TV Week)

She adds that her H&A co-stars have been a huge support along the way.

”I do a lot of scenes with Lynne McGranger [who plays Irene]. She’s been a steady guiding force for me, always has a smile and sees the optimism in every situation.”

Luke, who sought guidance from his cousin and former H&A star Chris Hemsworth, says playing a paramedic is a wonderful challenge.

”I love the action of a paramedic,” he says. ”But Xander lets his emotions get to him a bit!”

”Flights to Perth are how much?’

(IMAGE: TV Week)

Away from the Bay, Melburnian Luke is confining the action to the kitchen, where he’s on hand to help with the Christmas roast.

”I usually spend the day cooking way too much food, having an afternoon nap, then cooking more food,” he says with a laugh.

Meanwhile, Kirsty is chasing the sun in Western Australia, her home state.

”For me, it’s all about Michael Bublé’s Christmas album, South African trifle [Kirsty’s family moved to Perth from South Africa when she was young], trips to Cottesloe Beach, prawns and all my aunties,” she says, before including the downside of the festive season: ”Airline prices!” [Laughs]

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