Home and Away: Justin’s buggy prank sees a charity golf tournament go wrong!

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The day has come: it’s finally time for the Summer Bay golf tournament in Home And Away.

But although the event is to raise money for charity, it’s about to bring out a bad side of Justin.

With a brand-new car as the big prize, two teams are about to go head-to-head.

”Palmer’s Putters”, consisting of John (Shane Withington), Kirby (Angelina Thomson) and Rose (Kirsty Marillier), challenge Justin’s (James Stewart) rag-tag team of himself, Theo (Matt Evans) and novice golfer Dean (Patrick O’Connor), who’s hoping to win the car for his pregnant partner Ziggy (Sophie Dillman).

But that’s not all. As their rivalry amps ups, Justin wagers $1000 on the outcome. It’s a bet he’s hoping to keep secret from his partner Leah (Ada Nicodemou).

Palmers Putters consists of John, Kirby and Rose.

(IMAGE: Channel 7)

”It’s a really ladsy thing to do,” James, 47, tells TV WEEK.

”Then John comes and starts stoking the fire and Justin bites back. It began as a ladsy competition that got out of hand.”

The tournament may be for a good cause, but with a car, a $1000 bet and pride now on the line, Justin seems willing to stoop to conquer.

As they go to tee off, Palmer’s Putters find their golf buggy has been immobilised. Although they suspect Justin might have put his mechanic’s skills to use, they shoulder their bags and set off on foot, undeterred.

When the match-up begins, Justin and Theo are pleasantly surprised by Dean’s skills – he’s a natural!

Hole after hole, Justin and his team power on. Confident they’ll take the win, Justin comes clean about tampering with the buggy.

But while Theo knows he meant it only as a prank, he’s not impressed.

Looking good!

(Image: Channel 7)

”Theo feels let down that Justin would get in the way of a fair game for charity,” Matt, 26, explains.

”It’s also very important for Dean to win the car, so it’s important that everyone play by the rules.”

Although Justin and his team beat Palmer’s Putters, the victory is short-lived – they’re disqualified for cheating after Roo (Georgie Parker) gets evidence of Justin’s ”prank”.

After missing out on the car, Dean is furious. And to make matters worse for Justin, Leah has got wind of his bet – and isn’t happy.

”Justin feels pathetic and stupid,” James says.

”Especially when he sees how ropeable Leah is.”

With so many people upset by, will Justin be able to make things right?

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