Who will die in Home And Away’s season finale?

The 2017 finale will be explosive.
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Brace yourselves, Home And Away fans. In this year’s massive season finale, shocking secrets, acts of betrayal and a kidnapping are set to rock the Bay! Plus, one character will meet a tragic end. Who could it be?

After much speculation, policewoman Kat (Pia Miller) finally discoverS her boyfriend, Robbo (Jake Ryan), isn’t the man he claims to be.

Meanwhile, Ash (George Mason) will go to great lengths to protect his ex-girlfriend and their unborn baby – even if it costs him everything. The dramatic events build to a deadly car crash that will shatter lives forever.

“Things have stepped up a gear,” Jake, 34, hints to TV WEEK. “Trouble is coming for Robbo.”

Ash learns Robbo isn’t who he says he is.

When Kat finally plucks up the courage to reveal what she knows, Robbo is stunned. His worst fear has just been realised.

Kat attempts to storm out, but Robbo angrily blocks the front door. He argues he’s a changed man, but she isn’t willing to listen. Kat heads for the door – but Robbo grabs her, causing her to scream in pain.

“The instinct of his past takes over,” Jake explains. “It’s like he’s on autopilot.”

Fearing for her life, Kat grabs her stomach in fake agony. She pleads for an ambulance, but Robbo has a different idea. Moments later, Tori arrives at the apartment after receiving a call from Robbo.

She quickly realises Kat’s plea for help was for something far more sinister. Together, the women try to flee, but Robbo is too strong. He ties them up and plots his next move.

“Robbo is in too far now,” Jake says. “He’ll do whatever he possibly can – or he’s going to go away [to jail] for a long time.”

Tori is terrified when Robbo traps her.

Elsewhere, Ash becomes worried when he can’t get hold of Kat. Fearing the worst, he goes for a drive, hoping to find her. Will he be too late?

As time wears on Robbo grows more agitated. Kat tries to wriggle free of the rope. Suddenly, both Kat and Tori make a run for it, with Kath managing to escape. But Tori is not so lucky. Robbo grabs her and drags her to his car.

As he drives off, Kat races to safety. She knows she must stop Robbo before it’s too late. But in doing so, she’s putting herself and her unborn baby in danger.

“Robbo would be devastated if he lost Kat,” Jake says. “He truly loves her. But his past is catching up with him.”

With time running out, Kat has a choice to make: will she go to the police to get their help in rescuing Tori, or take matters into her own hands?

For months, fans have speculated about Kat’s future. Now, it all comes down to this moment.

The season finale airs Monday December 18, 7pm-8.30pm.

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