EXCLUSIVE: Georgie Gardner on taking the Today gig: “I felt intimidated!”

The new Today show co-host reveals why she almost didn’t accept the job.
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It’s official! Georgie Gardner is Karl Stefanovic’s new co-host on Today.

But in an exclusive chat with TV WEEK, Georgie revealed her decision to take on the coveted role which was previously held by Lisa Wilkinson was no means an easy one.

“Sometimes over the past few days I’ve been feeling somewhat intimidated when I consider Lisa and the other women who have gone before me and the legacy they leave,” the 46-year-old explains.

WATCH: The Today show welcome Georgia Gardner to the team (story continues after video)

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“I mean, you have Lisa [Wilkinson], Jessica [Rowe], Tracey [Grimshaw] and Liz [Hayes] and they’re really outstanding, strong and fabulous women who I hold in the highest of regards so I’m lucky to known them professionally and personally – and I feel honoured to be following in their footsteps.”

Georgie, who was news presenter on the popular morning news program for seven years before calling it quits in 2014, went on to reveal that before accepting the role, she also had to consider the impact it would have on her husband Tim Baker and the couple’s two children, Bronte, 12, and Angus, nine.

“It’s going to shake things up on the home front,” Georgie admits.

“But the kids are up for the challenge. They appreciate that this is a wonderful opportunity for me and they’re very supportive. It’s going to give them a chance to step up and show a bit more independence.”

Despite their support, Georgie is fully aware that that it will take some time to adjust to her new role.

“We’re like any other family,” the experienced journalist explains.

“There will be days when things come unstuck and I’ll be scrambling to catch up and I’ll miss something quite important but that’s life. My husband Tim has always been incredibly generous with his support of my career and he knows this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and is behind me all the way. I couldn’t be luckier.”

And as for working alongside Karl again, Georgie, who hasn’t always been a fan of the 43-year-olds on-air antics, admits viewers are in for one “helluva” ride.

“As I say, Karl is predictably unpredictable,” Georgie laughs.

“But I relish a challenge and all jokes aside, there’s so much I can learn from Karl. He is a consummate presenter of the big breaking news stories, he is so skilled, he has this wonderful ability to get to the essence of the story and disseminate the information live and unscripted like no other, quite frankly.

She continues: “Karl really is at the top of his field and while yes, he can be a larrikin, he can sometimes go too far, he can be a loose cannon, all of that, but he is also incredibly entertaining and he loves to laugh and he loves to make others laugh, he has a huge heart and it’s going to be I think, a really fantastic on air, and hopefully off air, relationship.”

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